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  1. Export Option Not Working Ie 8

    Thanks for your support, but is there any workaround that we can implement immediately to fix this issue.
  2. Export Option Not Working Ie 8

    Hi Sumedh, Export chart options not showing correctly. Please refer below img. For the time, can you please provide us the work around for this.
  3. JavaScript/Flash fusionChart server side export

    Hey, can you please confirm that javasciprt export with SharpVectors does support IE 7 and above.
  4. JavaScript/Flash fusionChart server side export

    Thanks Sumedh, we have dropped an request at [email protected].
  5. plotSpacePercent for ScrollLine2D

    Thanks for your help, it works like charm...
  6. Hi, We have couple of queries regarding JavaScript/Flash fusionChart server side export, 1. We would like to know what is the best option to export the Javascript fusionchart. We know that there are export handler which will export the JavaScript/Flash fusionchart like, ASP.NET, Java, PHP. 2. We have implemented the ASP.NET export handler but ASP.NET export handler works for only flash fusion chart. Can you please let us know how ASP.NET export handler works for javascript fuison chart. Thanks
  7. plotSpacePercent for ScrollLine2D

    Here you go, please refer ScrollLine2D.jpg for your reference.
  8. Hi, We are using ScrollLine2D.swf chart to render the xml and we need to use the plotSpacePercent property but this property is written for column charts only. Can anybody suggest how we will achieve the feature like plotSpacePercent in ScrollLine2D? In the attached png, we would like to reduce the space between Day-7 and Day 1 columns (basically x-axis space). Thanks