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  1. Issue with RTL languages

    Hello Haritha, First off, thanks for following up. Below are the test results. Safari: all works fine FireFox: all works fine Chrome: "ABC DEF GHI" renders as "GHI DEF ABC" IE: "ABC DEF GHI" renders as "DEF GHI ABC" Please note that the problem happens when I use Arabic with Bar charts. Pie charts render perfectly on all browsers. Not sure if I'm sharing the right code, please let me know if you need more info. function renderChart(char_id,file,data, id) { $('#chart-link-'+current_chart).removeClass('selected'); current_chart = id; fixScroll(); $('#chart-link-'+id).addClass('selected'); var chart = new FusionCharts("<?php echo _LIVE_SITE; ?>/includes/Charts/"+file, "ChartId", "100%", "250", "0", "0"); chart.setDataURL(data+".php?chart_id="+char_id+"&<?php echo time(); ?>"); chart.render("chartdiv"); clearInterval(intr); } renderChart("<?php echo $charts[0]['chart_id']; ?>", "<?php echo $charts[0]['chart_file']; ?>", "<?php echo $charts[0]['chart_type']; ?>", 0); intr = setInterval(nextChart,10000); Thank you
  2. Dear All, I have a strange issue with my FusionCharts implementation. I'm displaying a RTL language (Arabic). When I use pie charts, everything seems to be okay, while when I use bar charts (specifically MSColumn3D.swf) then I get the words reversed. So, the sentence "ABC DEFG" - for example - shows as "ABC DEFG" on pie charts, but shows as "DEFG ABC" on bar charts. Any idea? Thanks Ik