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  1. Named Range from Excel

    Ah, ok. I think I was trying with a table name, which doesn't work. Would that also be possible?
  2. Hi, Are there any plans to support named ranges and tables when using the Excel data source? It is something that the OOTB SharePoint Chart web part supports and would be useful in Collabion too.
  3. Date scale on y-axis

    Okay, thanks. Are the any plans to add support?
  4. Hi, Can you help me with a simple chart I am trying to configure? I have a small set of data as follows Schedule As of Jan 2014 Current Forecast Nov-2018 Original Contract Nov-2016 and I need to create a chart as attached. The issue I am having is it doesn't seem to recognise dates as a scale on the y-axis. I can only set value for the y-axis min and max as numbers and the bars do not show. Is this possible? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  5. Dates from Excel

    Sorry, I should have tried that first. It's working now. Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated.
  6. Dates from Excel

    Hi, The data is now coming through ok thanks but I don't see the date format MMM-yy in "Series Customization", see attached. Thanks
  7. Dates from Excel

    Hi, Thanks I will try this out. Does it also fix the issue with the wrong date showing in View Data? Also, stupid question but how do I download the latest version? The site only seems to have a form for downloading a trial version? Thanks
  8. I am having a problem with a chart recognising dates from Excel correctly. I have a simple table in a spreadsheet which is published to SharePoint Excel Services. The table has two columns, the first are dates and the second numbers. I have selected the Excel file, sheet and table cells range in the Collabion Wizard and when I click View Data it shows the data from Excel incorrectly. In the Excel file the dates are in the format dd/MM/yyyy and are displayed as MMM-yy eg. 01/11/2012 => Nov-12 but in the View Data panel of the Wizard the same date is showing as 2014-11-12T00:00:00 How can I get Collabion to recognise the correct dates? Also, assuming the correct dates are shown how can I get the x-axis labels to show MMM-yy? I am using version v1.1.8 on SharePoint 2010 Enterprise.