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  1. Thank you madam, dataplot click event served the purpose for me.
  2. hi, i am using trial version of latest fusion charts to show a 2d bar chart in my app. i am unable to invoke a javascript function on touching a bar, using links (tried both, Using the j- prefix and Using the JavaScript: prefix). is this functionality available for trial version? if so, can we use this functionality in mobile apps?
  3. i want to show 2 dials on angular guage with different colors. how to show user about color coding. i.e. red color represents readingx and blue color represents readingy.
  4. Hi, As iam new to fusion charts, i request you to suggest me a chart which depicts my case where i have to show Availability and Utilisation of equipment. I have 5 equipment. I have to show their utilisation against their availability. An equipment is said to be available if it is not in shut-down state. utilisation is calculated using formula (total available time - delays). I want to plot a column chart and there should be only one column per equipment. I've seen 2D stacked column but it is not exactly depicting my requirement.
  5. is it possible to add a date picker or any other item like button, list box on chart...? i want to add a datepicker beside caption of the chart, so that whenever a new date is selected i want to refresh the chart.