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  1. Scatter Chart for JavaScript Performance Issue

    Thank you for your reply. The only factor I suspect could be the number of data plots. In this particular case, this number is close to 1600. Is there a limit to the number of data plots? If you have some automated tests on the charts, can you run one with different settings for the number of data plots and see the difference. There are times when it takes close to 20 seconds (1600 data plots), which is like an eternity of silence when you are doing a demo. And I suspect not all points are shown. Hope to hear back on this.
  2. I am using FusionCharts for JavaScript / HTML5 (No Flash). All charts are load well except for the Scatter chart which seems to be taking long. I want to know if this is a known issue for this particular chart type and software version. The parameters needed to query the database and feed the chart (and load it using Ajax) are not known at page load time so the Scatter chart is loaded later on an isolated click event making the Ajax call. Is there a documented performance issue with the scatter chart that I need to know about? Thanks for any replies.