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  1. Background image issue

    Thanks. My company is looking for their subscription info as obviously haven't kept up. Hope they find it. I am still attempting to get current version to dispaly the alignments using the bgSWF's but no success as yet. Continues to default in upper left even though DisplayMode is set to none.
  2. Background image issue

    In V3.2 is the alignments bgSWFVAlign ---bgSWFHAlign or bgImageVAlign? I took my code from free 3.3.1(which displays correctly) and attempted all SWF values in 3.2.1 and it fails(image in upper left). bgSWFDisplayMode='none'. I copied over the 3.2 swf's and .js files.
  3. Background image issue

    Correct the work version I am trying to get background image bgSWFVAlign is 3.1. Alignment works on home 3.3.1 using bgImageVAlign.
  4. Background image issue

    Hello, I have FusionCharts v3 at home and everything works smooth, but at work they are using older v2. Recently been having issues in aligning and scaling bgSWF on older version. The image seems to stay fixed in upper left corner. I have set the bgSWFDisplayMode to none. I have attached a sample file with image settings. Help appreciated. bkImage.txt
  5. Hello, I just started exploring FushionCharts XT today and curious is a routine in get current date to display in the xml chart subcaption property. This would be very useful display when printing multiple reports per customer. I realize will have to also create an element containing the customer id. Thanks Mactire