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  1. Hi Nabajeet, We are uisng Fusioncharts @version fusioncharts/3.3.1-sr3.21100 and IE9 and 10. Thanks, Vishnu
  2. Hi, In mutli series line chart when value becomes "0" the line drawn is too thin. The issue is with IE browser only.In all other browser its fine. Thanks, Vishnu
  3. Hi Swarnam, We have integrated fusion charts in a java web application. So the self hosted export handler will be available for the java web app ?. Thanks, Vishnu
  4. Hi Swarnam, Can you please provide an update of the a self-hosted Export Handler module as you mentioned in the earlier post. Thanks, Vishnu
  5. Hi Swarnam, Thanks for the update .Waiting for the release . Also one more thing. Export the charts to excel feature will be included in the Coming release. Thanks, Vishnu
  6. Hi Swarnam, When we can expect a self-hosted Export Handler module, which can help to meet our requirement. Thanks, Vishnu
  7. Hi, Need to upgrade from 3.3.1 to 3.4.1 fusion charts Checked the 3.4.1 trail version. The attributes set under styles tag was working for 3.3.1 version.But not working for 3.4.1. Example : "styles": [ { "application": [{"toobject":"Caption", "styles":"size10verdana"}, {"toobject":"DATAVALUES","styles":"fontColorBlue"}], "definition":[{"name":"size10verdana","type":"font","font":"Verdana","size":"10","bold":"0","align":"right"}, {"name":"fontColorBlue","type":"font","font":"Verdana","size":"10","color":"#000000","bold":"0"}] }] Please help us. Thanks, Vishnu
  8. Hi, Is there any function to get the SVG data of a rendered chart. Thanks, Vishnu
  9. Hi Swarnam, Its not clear. Can you letus know when we click on the export button in fusion chart. IS there any chance communicationg witrh fusion chart server for data ,image or whatever it is? if so download feature is depended on your server? Will it work inside an intranet witout any outside network access. Plz help me. Thanks, Vishnu
  10. Hi, Im export simple javascript charts to PDF using fusion charts. I need to know whether my chart data is sent ti fusion chart server while exporting. if so any data secuirty that can ve done while exporting . Thanks, Vishnu
  11. Hi, Can anyone please help me to show value on the middle of bar2d by fusioncharts. Thanks, Vishnu
  12. Hi, Can interactive legends icons can be changed for sepcific charts. Or Do we need to use the specific legend icons provided for the chart only? Thanks, VIshnu
  13. Hi, In 2D Stacked Column chart i need to show sum on top for some specific columns only. Can we do that? Please provide an update. Thanks, Vishnu