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  1. Highlighting an Entity

    Well, I am looking for some way to highlight the region without changing the color as that makes it more difficult for somebody looking at the map to determine what range the region falls into. I am already able to change the color and the alpha for the selected region with my data feed. However neither of those options look quite right. If I could highlight the region using a style, then I think adding a glow to the region would work. But, I don't see any way to accomplish that.
  2. Highlighting an Entity

    I am working on a mapping application that makes use of both FusionMaps and FusionCharts. When I click on a region within the map, there are two charts that show details for the region selected. When the region I selected has data for the subregions (for example we have state information for USA), then the map will drill through to the regions map. If there is not any lower level detail (we don't have detailed information for Chinese provinces), the application will stay at the higher level for the map. So, for China, I would stay on the world map and just update the Chart to have China data. What I am trying to do is highlight a selected region if I am not drilling into the lower level map. So, when I click on China, the charts should be updated to the data for China, the map would stay on the World Map, but China would be highlighted in some way. In my data feed for the map, I am able to set the entity properties for the selected region, but from the documentation it looks like I am just able to change the color or alpha to make the region stand out. I don't want to do either of those because that makes it harder to tell what color the region is and therefore the user wouldn't know the approximate value for the data for that region. Is there any other way to highlight an individual region? Maybe if I could apply a style to a single entity on a map rather than all entities?