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  1. line graph not rendered in chart

    Thank you for the reply.
  2. I am using 2D dual Y combination graph and have problem when there is only one member on X-axis. graph is not plotted on chart area but i see points for theseries on left margin of div element. I am using javascript plugin for fusion charts and chart area is a div element. Can anyone please suggest what is the problem in code or data set? "chart":{ "xaxisname":"Periods", "pyaxisname":"AVGSELLINGPRICE<BR/>BUDGETCOSTPLAN<BR/>", "syaxisname":"" }, "categories":[ { "category":[ { "label":"01/01/2014" } ] } ], "dataset":[ { "seriesname":"AVGSELLINGPRICE", "parentYAxis":"P", "renderAs":"Line", "data":[ { "value":"11000.12345" } ] }, { "seriesname":"BUDGETCOSTPLAN", "parentYAxis":"P", "renderAs":"Line", "data":[ { "value":"1416.84000000000" } ] } ]