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  1. y axis range problem

    Hi All: I use json data to draw the chart (y axis min:50% max:100%) but when the chart is drawed,y axis always show [110%] like the attach picture now i don't want to show 110% in y axis , how to do it? thanks. the jsondata: "chart": { "yaxisminvalue": "50", "yaxismaxvalue": "100", "useRoundEdges": "1", "adjustdiv": "0", "decimals": "2", "setAdaptiveYMin":"1", "numdivlines":"5", "plotSpacePercent": "50", "staggerLines":"10", "connectnulldata": "0", "caption": "test", "linethickness": "2", "showvalues": "0", "areaovercolumns": "0", "numberSuffix": "%", "legendborderalpha": "30", "bgcolor": "FFFFFF", "plotgradientcolor": "", "formatNumberScale":"0", "showplotborder": "0", "divlineisdashed": "1", "divlinedashlen": "2", "divlinedashgap": "1", "canvasborderthickness": "1", "canvasborderalpha": "0", "legendshadow": "0", "anchorradius": "5", "anchorbgalpha": "50", "showalternatevgridcolor": "0", "showalternatehgridcolor": "0" }, "trendlines": [ { "line": [ { "startvalue": "100", "color": "6baa01", "displayvalue": "Target", "thickness": "2" } ] }
  2. y axis range problem

    i will fix the problem thanks a lot
  3. Hi all: my web chart is in the attach file the problem is , i have more than one line serials dot , when the dot's value is the same two dot overlap like the chart show how to fix it to the column?thanks a lot.
  4. y axis range problem

    Hi Sanjukta: I try to set the "yAxisMaxValue" to '100.00' but it still shows 110%...
  5. Scale Y axis

    Hi all: this is my chart ,i use fusionchart ,my problem is in the attach file, the y value is too close to difficult see the difference in the chart (ex.1.00,0.99,0.98...) i want to know how to set or modify the <chart> attribute and we can distinguish easily
  6. Scale Y axis

    Hi Sashibhusan, so,there is not any way to solve the problem?
  7. Scale Y axis

    Hi Sashibhusan: The showValues='1' setting can show the value of the column, but i want to use the column(height) to show the data is not the same(because some columns' value is too close) if the datas in the x axis too more,we can easily show the trend of the datas but not only show the values, thanks you for reply