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  1. Need help in creation of dataset xml

    Please update if this kind of chart can be rendered in fusion charts or not ?? Thanks Ankit
  2. Hello I am unable to create dataset xml for the attached chart. I was trying creating hierarchical dataset but legends (open, resolved, closed) were not appearing. Please help. Thanks Ankit
  3. We can't ask our client to change data. Please suggest any alternative solution, like if we can wrap the display values if length is problematic here. Also this wasn't reproducible in previous version. Thanks
  4. Hi Moonmi Thanks for your reply. Please find complete chart xml in the attached text file. Thanks chartXml.txt
  5. I missed to add a property showValues='1' in the chart properties (was unable to edit original post). If I disable showValues by updating showValues='0' , then it works properly. But I need to display values, so please suggest any alternate solution. Thanks
  6. We recently upgraded fusion chart API to v3.6.0. After upgradation there is some white space in the right side of the scatter chart (see attached screenshot) highlighted with red color. Here is the chart properties that are used.. <chart caption='' yaxisName='' xaxisName='' chartPalette='2' bgAlpha='0' border='0' numdivLines='0' rotateLabels='0' borderAlpha='0' showLegend='1' xAxisMaxValue='10' xAxisMinValue='0' showLabels='1' decimals='0' plotBorderColor='B8B8B8' formatNumberScale='0' drawQuadrant='1' yNumberPrefix='$' > Please suggest any solution to remove that extra white space from the chart. Thanks
  7. Improper rendering of pie 3d chart

    okay. I will try and let you know. Thanks
  8. Improper rendering of pie 3d chart

    We are using following versions: Fusion charts version is v3.2.4 And browsers Chrome v39.0.2171.95, IE v10 Thanks Ankit
  9. Hi I am having an issue with the rendering of a pie 3d chart. A value with 0% having blue color is rendered strangely(see attachedscreen shot of the chart). Here is the chart XML data Please help Thanks Ankit