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  1. XML issues with Internet Explorer

    Hi The Onchange event is getting triggered and the entire function is getting executed, but just does not create the XML for some reason. Regards, Prakash
  2. XML issues with Internet Explorer

    Hi We have a situation a piece of code works well in Chrome, Safari & Mozilla, but behaves differently in Internet Explorer. The code is in PHP with rendering of the SSGRID in Java Script. We have a Drop down with various data and based on the selection (Onchange event - Ajax code), the SSGRID displays the data for that criteria. The code is on DataURL method which is coded in a separate PHP which creates a XML file and the same is used by the parent PHP code to display the Grid. When you select new data in the Dropdown, the chart displays and when you reselect the past selected option the XML parsing happens but does not create the XML file. But the xmlhttp.readyState and xmlhttp.status are valid. Any idea what could be the issue here. Regards, Prakash