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  1. I am having difficulty exporting a pure JavaScript chart from the basic examples provided in the C# solution (demo package from fusion charts). My sample is from the evaluation code provided on the FusionChart website. I have added exportenabled='1' exportHandler='http://localhost:64162/CS/Export_Handler/FCExporter.aspx' to the existing Data.xml file in order to enable export using the local handler Chart definition for the chart BasicExample/MultiChartsJS.aspx: <chart caption='Monthly Unit Sales' xAxisName='Month' yAxisName='Units' showValues='0' formatNumberScale='0' showBorder='1' exportenabled='1' exportHandler='http://localhost:64162/CS/Export_Handler/FCExporter.aspx'> <set label='Jan' value='462' /> <set label='Feb' value='857' /> <set label='Mar' value='671' /> <set label='Apr' value='494' /> <set label='May' value='761' /> <set label='Jun' value='960' /> <set label='Jul' value='629' /> <set label='Aug' value='622' /> <set label='Sep' value='376' /> <set label='Oct' value='494' /> <set label='Nov' value='761' /> <set label='Dec' value='960' /> </chart> I am pointing the exportHandler to the C# export handler (FCExporter) found in the same solution. When invoking the export, the handler fires, but I am encountering two different runtime errors in the handler: Failures inside FCExporter.cs 1)Jpeg conversion: gr.Clear(ColorTranslator.FromHtml("#" + rawImageData["bgcolor"].ToString())); is failing because rawImageData["bgcolor"] already contains a # 2)PDF conversion int fRepeat = int.Parse(split_data[1]); is failing with an out of range exception It almost seems like the handler is out of sync with the charts that are being exported. It works if I point to the external fusion site for the export. Is there a new version of the handler available? I am using FusionCharts XT Version: 3.3.1. Thanks, Bhushan
  2. Export Issue in IE

    Hi Sanjukta, Mail sent to [email protected] , please check and let us know any code changes Thanks, Bhushan
  3. Hi, my page have 20 fusion charts & i want to download all chart. what is the best way to download all charts at a time ? I saw batch file code to download all charts, but i m not able to call/execute the same from .cs file can anyone give me snippet of code which will download all charts using batch file ?
  4. Export Issue in IE

    Hi Shashibhushan, I tried using javascript variant but result is same. Please find below steps i followed to export the charts in Asp.Net platform: 1) Loading minimum 12 charts in aspx page in Page_Load() event 2) after loading charts i need to export the same to ppt, so while populating chart i have added exportAction='save' attribute to <chart> tag. Code : xmlData.Append("<chart caption='" + ChartTitle + "' exportFileName='" + SaveFileName + "' chartRightMargin='50' chartTopMargin='50' xAxisName='' showLabels='1' yAxisName='' canvasBorderThickness='1' divLineColor='FFFFFF' divLineThickness='0' divLineAlpha='0' decimalPrecision='2' useRoundEdges='1' legendBorderAlpha='0' "); xmlData.Append(" rotateValues='1' showLegend='1' rotateNames ='0' "); xmlData.Append(" exportEnabled='1' exportAction='save' exportAtClient='0' exportHandler='../Export_Handler/FCExporter.aspx' "); After all charts get downloaded i fetching that image file to export in ppt. I am fetching this issue in IE8,IE9 but same code working fine in Firefox. Our organisation is supposed to purchase a licence version but due to this issue we kept our decision on hold. Please look in to it. Thanks
  5. While exporting multiple charts in IE, i am getting few charts without bars(with x & y axis values) in it & few charts with proper data in it
  6. How we can Export Multi-series Fusion chart along with dataset(i.e Table View) that we are providing in PPt/Excel/Word/Pdf?