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  1. Raphaël and AMD

    I was doing more tests and realized that the issue is not about AMD. It's about any type of asynchonous load. It looks like if it was loaded this way (async), some parts of modules can't guarantee load order. Below there is a simple test where is possible to see that after several attempts lib can load. And on every single attempt you get error on a new variable.
  2. Raphaël and AMD

    New Fusioncharts lib include Raphaël, but Raphaël is not compatible with AMD libs (curljs, requirejs...). So this new lib can not be loaded this way as well. There is an anternative for Raphaël and AMD ( , but how can I use this with Fusioncharts?
  3. Smart Label flooding DOM tree

    This issue was reported at this topic. On any layout changes, like render or resize, fusioncharts insert new '_SmartLabel_Container' divs into DOM tree. But it never cleans older divs. So, if you have several charts at same screen, changing contents and size in real time, DOM tree start getting huge. Full of unused elements. At that related topic, Shamasis suggest a workaround. Ok, it works. But when on next release if this bug weren't fixed yet, that workaround will be overwrited. And on every release will be the same. So, is there a way to real solve that issue, or a workaround to do outside lib(not best way but exclude that lib updating problem)? Thanks