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  1. Just to update. I have the latest paid/licensed version. It still happens. The bug is still there.
  2. Hi. This issue seems to be back. I'm using demo FusionCharts JavaScript files.We do have older pay version. I have included a sample aspx page with 2 Zoomlinedy graphs that will request an Xml file content. The graphs works fine if you don't scroll the div's scrollbar. As soon as you scroll down, the bottom graph loses it selectable/drill down feature. Scroll back up, and it works again. Step 1 Please run the RunMe.aspx page. Click Second graphs, and selection will drill down. Step 2 Refresh Page. Scroll the div/scrollbar down. Try to select on the second graph now. Doesn't allow. If you scroll back up, it will allow you to select. EmptyTest.zip
  3. Hi all. So after some research, looks like I discovered the problem. In the docs it states "setTransparent(transparency) - The chart container transparency can now be controlled using the containerBackgroundOpacity parameter while creating a new instance of FusionCharts." My question is how do I set this property without the contructor? Can I set it via scripting? Example $("FusionChart").containerBackgroundOpacity(0) or something like that? Thanks
  4. Hi All Since I installed the licensed version, my widget's transparency don't work anymore. The code is the exact same , just the JS file changed. Any ideas? I attached an example of the code (not full code with JS).. but you should be able to paste into own project. example.txt