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  1. Fusion Chart Error

    Is there any solution if I use that previous version of fusion chart.Problem is when I use set value='' in first value of dataset and if I use set value='n' , n is any integer then there is no issue
  2. Fusion Chart Error

    Hi, Sorry for late reply. My chart XML is : <chart caption='' yAxisMaxValue='25' numberSuffix='%' xaxisName='Projects' YAxisName='Defect Reopened%' useRoundEdges='1' showValues='0' showLegend='1' legendBorderAlpha='0' legendNumColumns='4' bgAlpha='0' showBorder='0' showSum='1' maxLabelWidthPercent='10' > <categories><category label='AS400_Mode..' toolText='AS400_Modernization' /><category label='TSW_2013_U..' toolText='TSW_2013_Upgrade' /></categories><dataset seriesName='Efficient' color = '#9BBB58'><set value ='' color='#9BBB58' link='javascript:loadDefectReopenedPrjDetails(364)'/><set value = '1.97' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='Non-Compliant(>5%)' color ='#C00002'><set value = '' /><set value = '' /></dataset><trendLines><line startValue='5' color='#FF0000' displayvalue='Threshold' tooltext='Threshold Value : 5' valueOnRight='1' /> </trendLines> </chart> Version of Fusion Chart is : FusionCharts.js 3.2.4-sr1.9888 FusionCharts.HC.js 3.2.4-sr1.9888 Details of browser is: Google Chrome Version 34.0.1847.131 m
  3. Fusion Chart Error

    Uncaught Type Error: Cannot read property 'n' of undefined Fusionchart.HC.js error When I set value='' in dataset of chart XML, this error arises.This result into blank screen in place of chart. Thanks.