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  1. Hi, I am working on a Sharepoint 2007 list where I have list items show based on time of day. The problem I am running into is that after the list resets at the end of the day, new items that get added don't show up on the charts (No data to display)unless I go and update the graph manually. I am using a combination of workflows and calculated columns to set a field I called "Display" to yes/no. The graph filters based on this field. When 8am and 8pm roll around, the "Display" status gets changed to no. I added new items to the list, but the graphs kept saying "No data to display", after having displayed the old data. Hope you can help, and sorry if this topic is already addressed somewhere else. I did scan for something similar, but couldnt find it. I think we are using the free version of Collabion on this site. Not sure if that is why this isn't working. Thanks!