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  1. I have the chart in the following image designed and it works fine, except I was asked to make dots that overlap each other to appear side by side. Does someone have a suggestion on how to do this, perhaps using another chart type? I'm using a mscombi2d chart for this. Disregard the "T" dots for this. The dots are points on lines with the lines hidden.
  2. I have a mscombi2d chart I am using with line values. I am setting the lineDashGap and lineDashLen values on the series to draw the lines as dashed or dotted. This works fine, however in the legend there is no indication of the series line being dotted or dashed. Is there a way to have the legend display this information?
  3. Is there a way to have an inverse Y axis on a Scatter chart?
  4. Chart discrepancy with no data

    anyone? anyone?
  5. I am experience a change in how a chart is rendered depending on whether it is given either data or a blank set of data. To demonstrate this, use the following in jsfiddle to demonstrate the problem. If you try it with and without the part highlighted in red, you will notice that the vlines labeled as One, Two, and Three shift positions causing my annotation images to no longer appear on the vlines. How do I work around this problem? FusionCharts.ready(function () { var revenueChart = new FusionCharts({ type: 'mscombi2d', renderAt: 'chart-container', width: '500', height: '300', dataFormat: 'json', dataSource: { "chart": { "caption": "Test Chart with data", "captionAlignment": "left", "chartTopMargin": "10", "chartLeftMargin": "10", "chartRightMargin": "10", "showborder": "1", "paletteColors": "#1A51A3", "bgAlpha": "0", "borderAlpha": "20", "canvasBorderAlpha": "0", "usePlotGradientColor": "0", "plotBorderAlpha": "10", "captionpadding": "20", "showXAxisLines": "0", "divLineColor": "#000000", "axisLineAlpha": "25", "divLineAlpha": "0", "showValues": "0", "showLegend": "0", "showAlternateHGridColor": "0", "animation": "0", "anchorRadius": "3", "anchorborderthickness": "6", "yAxisMinValue": "0", "yAxisMaxValue": "100", "numberSuffix": "%", "showAxisLines": "1", "showtooltip": "1", "canvasPadding": "50" }, "categories": [{ "category": [{ "label": "One" }, { "vline": "1", "lineposition": "0", "color": "#CCCCCC" }, { "label": "Two" }, { "vline": "1", "lineposition": "0", "color": "#CCCCCC" }, { "label": "Three" }, { "vline": "1", "lineposition": "0", "color": "#CCCCCC" }] }], "dataset": [{ "seriesname": "TEST Elementary", "renderAs": "line", "lineDashLen": 0, "lineDashGap": 1000, "lineThickness": 3, "data": [{ "value": 67, "dashed": true, "toolText": null }, { "value": 64, "dashed": true, "toolText": null }] }], "annotations": { "groups": [{ "id": "targetIndicators", "y": "$canvasStartY + 40.5", "items": [{ "type": "image", "url": "", "tooltext": "Target, 80%", "x": "$chartcenterx - 158" }, { "type": "image", "url": "", "tooltext": "Target, 80%", "x": "$chartcenterx + 13" }, { "type": "image", "url": "", "tooltext": "Target, 80%", "x": "$chartcenterx + 183" }] }] } } }); revenueChart.render(); });
  6. If a chart is given no data it displays the "No data to display." message and nothing else. Is it possible to have it show the border, caption and sub-caption as well? I realize I could just render them myself in HTML, but it would be nice to not have to rework what I've done.
  7. In a bar 2D chart, I found that the caption wraps to a second line when the bar labels are long. Check out this jsFiddle to reproduce the problem: How do I prevent it from doing that so that the caption appears on one line?