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  1. Hi sychowaves, In renderChart() function you have to pass the proper formatted xml string or address of a xml file for the chart's data. here you are generating a xml string from database. please make sure the generated string is proper for the MSLine chart. to verify it you may echo the string inside a textarea . in your code you are generating xml for singleseries chart neither dataset nor categories/category are there. please make sure the following things. 1. xml format is correct for a multy series chart. I.e. structured like the posted xml in your first post in that error you will see an "invalid xml" or "no data to display" message 2. check the swf location corresponding to your page 3. FusionCharts.php file's location is also correct.
  2. Error: FusionCharts is not defined

    Hi Ravi,Please check that the path of FusionCharts.js is correct relative to your page . if correct then please verify that your page successfully loaded the js file
  3. Cannot drilldown in IE

    Hi Min, In IE flash can't reade data if browser didn't cache it. for https bydefault server set header not to cache it. So to do so, set the following headers for your XML Data provider page: Cache-Control: cache, must-revalidate Pragma: public, you may refer to the link: http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/SSL.html
  4. Hi Uman,to see this examples please do the below steps 1 add dummy sql data [provided in the download package ( folder name -'db')] 2 configure DBConn.php as per your settings for database 3 set charts' paths in all the three pages as per your local folders 3 open default.php then click on a map area which will open detailed.php with a supplied query_string 4 again click on a map area on detailed.php which will open chart.php with a supplied query_string below is an example of the chart.php with query_string http://localhost/2010/FusionMaps_Trial/Code/php/DB_Drill/Charts.php?Internal_Id=WY&map=FCMap_Wyoming.swf&entity_id=019 this bold text is the supplied query_string using GET method
  5. Hi Uman, please check that you have passed values as Internal_Id and entity_id to the page using GET or POST methode
  6. Hi Toddz70, Please change your code like this: $datasetParamArray=array("parentYAxis=S");////// delimeter seperated parameters for the dataset don't use (") for parameter values $FC->addDatasetsFromDatabase($result2, "Year","My_Value",$datasetParamArray); //this dataset will render as secondary y-axis
  7. Is there a PHP Class for FusionWidgets?

    Hi, you can see the attachment for the updated FusionCharts_Gen.php which support widgets also. read the ref. for parameters structure of the added/modified functions. ** this is under development so please test explicitly . widgets class.zip
  8. Label wrap on 2D Column

    Hi Muzzs, You can try the customize php class[attached]; and 1 more thing inspite of use FusionCharts_Gen.zip
  9. Hi jsabah, It is not possible to capture chart image in a different size. You can modify(resize) the image after it is generated.
  10. HI Buzz Brown, Change the line of code to
  11. Legend Colors Incorrect

    Hi John, In your xml you did not set the color at dataset. as i told previously. please define color at dataset to define color for corrosponding legend key. other wise the default color will be shown.
  12. PHP Class or XML for generation of charts

    Hi turtle_frog, If you want to change the xml only then you can use our setDataXML() or setDataURL() method. But if you want to change the chart type and other properties then you can use ajax and php class. but beware of two things. 1.ajax resopons must be text type. 2.call method renderChart(true) to render the chart in ajax called page. for details you may go through the links http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/PHPClassAPI/Functions.html#rendering http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/JS_API.html
  13. Scatter plot x axis

    Hi Elizabeth, Currently all charts need to specify x scale labels. Next major release will add this feature.
  14. Legend Colors Incorrect

    Hi Olslewfoot, To customize the legend you have to set the particular legend-attribute with it's value in the chart tag of your xml. to know the list of legend-attribute you may refer to the link http://www.fusioncharts.com/Docs/Contents/ChartSS/Combi2DDY.html [Legend Properties] e.g. But the legend key's color are inherited from the corresponding dataset color. so to define color for any legend key you have to set the color for the corresponding dataset. e.g. To check these in your xml you may print the returned xml[string] of your G2YM_xml() function. If still the problem exist please send the generated xml as a zip file.
  15. Scatter plot x axis

    Hi Eagene, In scatter chart x axis value is required in 2 place 1.category tag. if you didn't give the x axis value in any category tag the category will not be shown in the chart. 2. set tag if you didn't give the x axis value in any set tag the tag will be shown at 0 x position. labels are not explicitly required at any place. you may refer to the link http://www.fusioncharts.com/Docs/Contents/ChartSS/Scatter.html
  16. Hi JorgeV, i am attaching a sample project build using our php class. it is fully working. for your sample please make sure that 1. all paths entered in your code are refering to the correct file. 2. you have included the FusionCharts.js file properly sample.zip
  17. Server Side Image Creation

    Hi Muzzs, welcome to the fusioncharts forum:) please check your GD library version in php. If it is older then please upgrade it. you may refer to the following link which discuss the GD version required for imagecreatetruecolor() which is used in our exporter. http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.imagecreatetruecolor.php
  18. MSColumn3D or MSLine with MySQL db

    Hi bobotime, Welcome to Fusioncharts Forum:) If you don't want to use the PHP Class then you would have to manually build the XML from your database query end-results. You can go through the docs [Guide for Web Developers=>Using With PHP] However, most of the examples are for Single-series. You have to build your Multi-series Charts xml for your chart using the same way. For the Multi-Series Charts XML structure, you may go through the docs [Chart XML API=>Multi-Series Charts] I hope this helps. :w00t:
  19. HI steveddei, i have Figured out a solution. build a javascript 2D array using php which contain all the data needed to rendered the chart(i.e. xml,swf file, html div/span id where the perticular chart will be rendered ,width,height and other conditions). then page onload call a function (let say ABC()) which will pop the array(if not empty) and build the chart on basis of the array data. and also FC_Rendered() will call the function ABC(). so on page load it automatically create the first chart and after every chart rendered it will create the next chart until the array became empty
  20. Combination of bar and line chart

    Hi Anirbansarkar, "setAdaptiveYMin" is a chart tag attribute. so you have to add it in chart tag. but here you are adding it in set tag that's why it is not working. you may refer to the following links--> 1.http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/ (Chart XML API) 2.http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/PHPClassAPI/FirstChart.html
  21. To export client side chart

    Hi satdev, could you please send us the original xml generated in your code . you may also compare it with the working xml file.
  22. Combination of bar and line chart

    Hi anirban, please change your code like this. $strLink = "link=P-detailsWin,width=400,height=300,toolbar=no,scrollbars=no, resizable=no-display_details.php%3Fparam%3D$pass_param"; $FC_gen->addChartData($row_gen[0],$strLink); please refer to bellow links- http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/DrillDown/PopUps.html http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/PHPClassAPI/Functions.html
  23. Combination of bar and line chart

    Hi anirbansarkar, as per your requirement you have to add four quarters of financial year as categories, then add latest 3 years as dataset with it's quarters as set within it. for details you can refer to this link http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/PHPClassAPI/Functions.html#dbhandling hope this will help you:)
  24. Limit Data Shown

    Hi Shawn, Since you are adding 1 category and 1 dataset that's why its generating 1 column. May be you have more than 1 set on that dataset but it will show first one as it map to the given category. To solve this, you can: 1. Add enough category(may be blank) to show all the set tag in that dataset(if you have more than 1 set in the dataset "This Month") 2. You can use our FusionCharts PHP Class API ("FusionCharts_Gen.php") to dynamically add category and dataset from database P.s: You may refer to the attached sample ('modify this as per your database/requirement'). Hope this helps you. BasicDBExample.zip
  25. z-index and PHP

    Hi thinknirmal, please make sure that FusionCharts.js file is included.