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  1. Swf Url

    Hi Vijaya, Thank you for your post. you may use .src property of the chart object to get the URL. Example: chrtURL = FusionCharts(chart_id).src;
  2. Hi MatB, We are unable to replicate the issue. Please see the attached sample which is working fine. If the issue still exist then check the Flash Player Global Security Settings, for that you may refer to below link http://www.fusioncharts.com/powercharts/docs/Tools/FlashPlayerSecuritySetup/HowToSetup.html gantt.zip
  3. Hi Pdaniel, Thanks for you reply. "RenderChartHTML " method directly write the embed/object code to add a flash object in a page. so when there has no flash it will so the plugins missing message. Where as the JavaScript rendering is handled by the FusionCharts JavaScript rendering method, which checks if there has no flash and the users want to render the js chart if there has no flash then it render the chart in JavaScript mode. But the "RenderChart" method write the JavaScript rendering method in the page which render the chart using JavaScript. To debug the charts in JavaScript you may refer to this link http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Debug/JS.html
  4. Hi, Thanks for reply, Please try using "RenderChart" method instead of "RenderChartHTML".
  5. Hi MatB, Thank you for your post. late us replicate the issue from our end ten we will get back to you.
  6. Hi Pdaniel, Thanks for your post. We are unable to reproduce the issue. Could you please provide any live link or any sample HTML of your issue.
  7. Hi, Thanks for your post. Could you please post the generated XML (You may change the values for security) . you may get the XML from page view source or by printing the $FC->getXML(); into a text area. also you may check few things-> 1> There has no attribute repeat in any XML tag 2> You are using all latest JS files(supplied with our Power Charts pack). 3> All JS files are placed as where as it is required.
  8. Handle Chart Render Event

    Hi, Thanks for your post. In your "invokeTrendProtocolRegister" function all charts generated by the function get the id "myChartId44". please provide unique id for all the charts.
  9. Fusioncharts Compatibility With Prototype

    Hi Scipio, Thanks for you reply. Could you please try few things to point out the issue. 1. create a simple HTML sample of your page with prototype.js and FusionCharts .js included. Then try to render a JavaScript chart in you page which will load the jQuery.js and Highcharts,js in your page. Then after rendering the chart track the "$" in firebug whether it point to jQuery or not. If "$" still point to jQuery then post us the sample in zipped form to printout the issue. OR. 2. Add jQuery.js after prototype.js and then add another script tag of "jQuery.noConflict();" then add FusionCharts.js in your page. In that case FusionCharts will not add jQuery as it is already exist.
  10. Fusioncharts Compatibility With Prototype

    Hi Scipio, Thank you for your post. How are you adding jQuery and prototype in page? Make sure prototype is added before FusionCharts.js and FusionCharts will dynamical add Highcharts.js and jQuery.js from the Chart folder if necessary. If your page required jQuery too then add that script also before FusionCharts.js. also make sure that you are using the latest JS files that is released with the PowerCharts pack.
  11. HI Pradyumna, Thank you for your post We are unable to create the XML as it is generating from database. please send the final XML string which you may get by printing the final $strXML(the variable containing the XML string in your code) inside any text-area.
  12. Problem With Zoomline Chart

    Hi, It shows that in your looping condition for the data value is not adding any set. To trace this issue you may echo the values generating inside the loop->if/else block then you will able to get the situation what is exact flow of the program. also echo the final $strXML inside any text-area of the page so that you will fiend the final XML generated by your php code. If the XML generating in the code is fine then please revert back with XML from the php code
  13. Ipad/phone Rendering

    Hi Chetan, We are unable to replicate the issue could you please post a simple HTML sample[Zipped]. mean while you may try FusionCHarts.js & HighCharts.js from our latest released PowerCharts Evaluation pack.
  14. Error With New Version

    Hi Satish , The code you have posted is not complete and also has database query that's why we are unable to test it . so if possible you may post 1. live url or html sorce of your page which will be available from page's "context menu " => "view page source" option 2. a HTML scale down sample where the issue is exist 3. a php sample[without database query] which has the issue. also you can check yourself from your page's HTML source whether there has any variable or chart with the same id.
  15. Error With New Version

    Hi Satish , Thank You For Your Post. This Error Shows That You Have same Chart ID for more than one Chart or any global JavaScript Variable that has same name as your chart id. To Check this you may see your page's source code. or you can send us the HTML version scale-down sample of this issue.
  16. Javascript Rendering Issues In Ipad

    Hi Chetan, Thanks For your post. Please make sure that you are using the latest JavaScript Files. If still the issue exist then please send us the XML for the chart generated in your server side code. Ipad user interface detect mouse over for the first tap and click for the next tap. This is an internal behavior of ipad browser to get the usability of mouse over and mouse click event without a mouse.
  17. How To Remove Align="center" From Chart Div?

    Hi, Thank you for your post. Latest FusionCHarts v3.2 dosen't add the align property in the div. please update to the latest FusionCharts
  18. Problems With Special Chars

    Hi Sunco, we are unable to produce the error in v3.2 . could you please try usind FusionCharts v3.2 if you are not using it
  19. Problems With Special Chars

    Hi Sunco, Thank you for your post. Could you please send us the sample page where you are facing the error, so that we can check it
  20. Xml Attributes Between Flash And Javascript

    Hi, Please use label insted of name in the category as name is depricated atribute, js fallback dosen't supported it.
  21. Hi Peter, Thanks for our post. We are unable to produce the issue, as yet. Please find attached a working sample of pie of 100*100 pixel size which works at a lower size as well. If your issue persists/remains, please send us a basic sample/ live-link of the issue. JSSmall.zip
  22. Html5 Fallback Not Respecting Y-Axis Limits

    Hi DannyR, Thanks for your post. you are right. our JS fall-back always use two yaxis where for single axis chart second axis is ignored. so to change any configuration in JS chart you have to use axis as you maintained. But For your issue you can upgrade to our latest release V3.2.1 to support yaxismax and min value for JS chart also
  23. Objects Fail As Function Arguments

    Hi Jlewis, Thank you for your post. This is a known issue, which is already fixed and will be effected in our next release. If you are interested to try our latest development beta please mail us at [email protected] citing this forum post . please also mention your order-id.
  24. FusionCharts v3.2 Beta Impression

    Hi Isemaan, Thanks for testing beta. 1- styles are not supported till now. 2- all charts except Single Series Grid Component , Multi-series Stacked Column 2D + Line Dual Y Axis & Multi-series Stacked Column 2D are supported. for all features please mail us to get the latest FusionCHarts.js and highcharts.js 3- could you please send us a working sample for that 4- you can add exportShowMenuItem='0' attribute in your xml's charts tag to hide this button. or refer to the bellow code to resize the button var chartObj1 = new FusionCharts('Charts/Column2D.swf', 'chart-1', '100%', '400', '0', '1'); chartObj1.setXMLData(''); //set js chart configuration for export button chartObj1._overrideJSChartConfiguration({ exporting:{ buttons:{ exportButton:{ width: 10, height: 10, symbolSize:7, symbolX : 5, symbolY : 5 } } } }); chartObj1.render('chartspan');
  25. Hi Satishssrc, You can use [font= 'Courier New'; COLOR: rgb(41,30,64); FONT-SIZE: 12px" class=Apple-style-span>link="JavaScript:myJS('USA, 235')" to pass your arguments in your js function. You can also refer to the following link.