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  1. Hi, I can't proceed without solving this issue, please give suggestion. I'm herewith attaching three png files All i need is getting smooth curve with any of the charts as in Requirement.png. With MSLine.swf:- I'm able to connect all points with connectNullData='1' attribute but the curve is not smooth With MSSpline.swf:- Even though i used connectNullData attribute the points are not joining. Is there any way to proceed? Awaiting for your reply
  2. Hii, I'm using MSLine.swf of Fusion Charts Evaluation Version. With reference to the attachement: 1. I need smooth curve(I tried MSSpline.swf of powercharts but seems it doesn't support connectNullData attribute) 2. In the X-Axis i have values 0 to 100 with intervals of 5, and also i have curve points at 5,15,25,35..... I need these curve points as it is but the X-axis values should be 0 to 100 with 10 intervals (0,10,20.......100) 3.In each of the X-axis points(10,20,...100) a vertical line should be drawn. Awaiting for your valuable suggestion
  3. Hello, It seems powercharts v3(MSSplinr.swf) doesn't support connectNullData attribute. What is the best way to smoothen the curve. With Reference to an attachment(NeedSmoothCurve.png) I have 20 points in X-Axis interval of 5 each, the requirement is to have only 10 points of each 10 interval. If i do the same i'm not getting point (CalculatedCurve()%,5,6.48) on the curve for X-Axis for 5 instead me getting the same for X -Axis 10. and the entire curve is taking Y -Axis values up to 50 only. Refer attachment(RequireAllPointsOnCurve.png)
  4. Hello Madhumita, Thanks for your suggestion and i made the necessary modifications and it is working but a problem arose , the curve displaying is not smooth , client needs a smooth curve. Can you help me in this regard?? Awaiting for your valuable reply.
  5. Here is my XML and the graph generated BothCurves.xml
  6. In Line Chart, only line points are displaying and these line points are not joining. How to join these Line points????
  7. Thanks for your valuable suggestion even after using connectNullData='1' lineDashGap='6' the graph (curve) is not joining. Could you please suggest any other idea XML i generated looks like this
  8. I have two curves to be displayed on a graph CurveA and CurveB. CurveA has 15 points and Curve B has only 5 points. I used 15 points in X-axis .Now Curve A is displaying properly while curveB is not displaying with it's appropriate values . By default it's taking first 5 points in X-Axis.If i set all the remaining 10 values to null, the graph is not joining (facing Interpolation problem).