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  1. Chart Download - Image format

    Hi, FusionCharts being a JavaScript library requires a browser to run its code and generate the SVG image and display it on the browser, it is possible to get this SVG in the form of png, jpeg, pdf or SVG itself. But it is not possible to create the SVG directly without rendering on the browser. Thanks.
  2. Dial to edge of gauge

    Hi, You will need to set radius attribute iside the set elements of the dial to control the length of the dial like: "dials": { "dial": [{ "radius":'200', "value": "67" }] } Thanks.
  3. TrendLines Overlap

    Hi, It would not be possible to place the trendline value somewhere else because it will be graphically incorrect. You can however reposition the Y axis values so that they do not overlap the trend line value. Please check this fiddle for a demo: Also check this link for info on configuring div lines: Thanks.
  4. Dynamically Change X Axis As You Zoom In

    Hi, The feature is not supported, sorry for inconvenience. Thanks.
  5. set drill down map for each city separately

    Hi, We have tested your code in IE8 and it is running fine. Please check screenshot. Thanks.
  6. Hi, Can you please upgrade to the latest version of FusionCharts and let us know if the problem is resolved. You are using an old version of FusionCharts, we have tested the issue in the latest version and the problem doesn't occur. You can download the latest trial version of FusionCharts here: Thanks.
  7. Hi, Thanks for sharing the solution. It will be helpful for others facing the issue. Thanks.
  8. Break at the top of a chart

    Hi, We have forwarded your new feature request to the engineering team. Shall keep you posted about any feedback. We have also created FreshDesk forum discussion topic, you may add your comments to it.: Thanks.
  9. set drill down map for each city separately

    Hi, You need to set the link attribute in this way: "link": "newchart:(map_name)-(data_format)" Eg: "link": "newchart:asia-json" Please check this fiddle for a demo: You may check this link for more info: Thanks,
  10. Hi, Please upgrade to the latest version of FusionCharts which you can use with third party softwares like InkScape and ImageMagick to get PDF from SVG. The Batik implemenation had some issue so we have stopped supporting it in the latest versions. Please check here for InkScape: Also you may download the latest version of FusionCharts here: Thanks.
  11. setting space only at right side of the chart

    Hi, Using canvasPadding will add space both at the right and left of the canvas. What you can do is create an extra category at the end and set "showLabel" as 0 so that the label is hidden. Please check this fiddle for a demo: Thanks
  12. disabling linkedchart for rendering?

    Hi, You must remove the link attribute . Thanks
  13. Recreating chart using same ID breaks rotation

    Hi, Calling dispose() function on an instance of FusionCharts disposes the chart completely. This removes it from the DOM tree and also clears the entire chart object. As such you have to create a new instance of the chart and render it again. We have tried to replicate your issue but are not getting the problem you have stated. Please send us a sample of your code also let us know which version of FusionCharts you are using. Thanks.
  14. ZoomLine chart loses important data

    Hi, Hope you are keeping well. Thank you for your patience. Could you please upgrade your current version to the latest, i.e, FusionCharts Suite v3.7, release yesterday that will resolve your reported issue? A basic feature of showing peak data is added. To make this feature work there are at present three attributes added on the Chart level. They are: showPeakData : (0/1) maxPeakDataLimit: A numeric value which will define the upper limit for peak data. Any data value which is above this value will be considered as a peak data. minPeakDataLimit: A numeric value which will define the lower limit for peak data. Any data value which is below this value will be considered as a peak data. To avail this licensed release, you would need to re-Download the entire package from the My Orders section of FusionCharts Product Update Center. PUC URL: To download the Evaluation version of FusionCharts Suite XT v3.7, please visit the link: Hope this would resolve your issue. If you require any further assistance please do drop us a mail. Thanks.
  15. Hi, We recommend you to use standard mode only of IE because quirks mode is complex and non-standard mode of browser. As such in quirks mode of IE if you are rendering the chart inside a table it is causing problems. Thanks