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  1. jquery plugin for 3.4?

    Thanks Swarnam, I have fixed it for now by using only the insertFusionCharts() function. Greetings, Karen
  2. jquery plugin for 3.4?

    Hi Swarnam, I'm using the jQuery plugin file from the earlier version in combination with the new FusionCharts XT version, but when I use the .updateFusionCharts() function to update the charttype 'on the fly', it keeps on displaying the type of chart that was used during the creation of the chart object (with the insertFusionCharts() function). The data which is also updated (using dataformat: xmlurl and a datasource which points to an asp file that generates the necessary XML code) does still refresh ok with the function, only the charttype doesn't. The exact same code was working fine with the previous version of FusionCharts XT. Hope you can help me out! Greetings, Karen