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  1. legend colors not appearing

    in lack of your reply, i tried to replace the block character with a g with font face as the embeded webdings, however using the included files and flash 8, i get compiler errors in about: objects.LEGEND objects.BACKGROUND objects.PLOT objects.TOOLTIP all of these things give errors such as property does not exist. the g character of webdings is not my only alternative...if necessary boxes can be drawn with the drawing api, but i can't get very far if i cant compile it. your help would be appreciated as i need to address this issue asap. Thanks
  2. legend colors not appearing

    have you had any luck? The 'g' character of the Webdings font is a square, much like the block character. Could you embed that character and use that?
  3. legend colors not appearing

    I set up a usa map with 2 items in the color range, and it worked fine for me. But various people on windows machines with IE 7 and Flash Player 9 have reported that the legend boxes appear blank with no colors. So I had them check out the usaData example on the powerMaps site with the bush and kerry legend. and that didn't work for them either. any ideas?? thanks