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  1. Hi there, I'm new to RoR and FusionCharts, so this question will seem rather silly. Where do I put the FusionCharts folder? I am using the FusionChartXT free version. It says to put at the root of my site - where is this? My RoR code is running off this directory C:\Codes\Ruby\TestProject, where TestProject is my project. Under TestProject I have the folders app, bin, config and so on (which are created by Rails). I created a simple controller with its model and view, but in the view document I hardcoded the test sample given by FusionChart (creating your first chart). Basically I just want to test how FusionChart will work with RoR. But when I navigate to the page, all I get is the line "FusionCharts XT will load here!" but the chart does not load. I tried the same code in HTML page, and that worked fine. I'd appreciate it if someone can show some light here. What went wrong? Cheers.