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  1. Linear Regression On Line Charts

    Thanks for your response. Ward
  2. Single Series Scroll

    Hi, do you plan on supporting single series scroll charts in the future? It appears they are all multi series at this time. Also, do you ever anticipate the scroll option to become a standard feature on other chart types instead of having special Scroll charts? I think it would make more sense that way.
  3. Linear Regression On Line Charts

    So, I guess your answer is no; it's not expected to be supported in the future?
  4. Linear Regression On Line Charts

    Using a scatter or bubble chart will not work, because in a Line Chart the data points do not technically have a true x-coordinate. The x-coordinate could however be derived from the plotting of the data point once all of the categories are placed. I imagine within the core of FusionCharts you have xy coordinates even for Line Charts.
  5. Linear Regression On Line Charts

    I really should have explained this better. The x coordinates of the equation would be coming from something like the (total chart width / number of categories) * current count.
  6. I understand linear regression is supported in XY and Bubble Charts. Do you anticipate this feature being supported in Line Charts in the future? I know there is a workaround by computing the regression line based on the data points and then using a trend line, but that is a little bit involved. Seems like it would be a good feature.
  7. Linkedchart With Multi-Series

    Could you instead just point me to your examples for multi-series linkedCharts? Thanks for your continued help!
  8. With Rollup Helpers

    Has anyone seen or created a PHP helper to parse through a Rolled Up SQL result while correctly writing the XML data? I'm looking for some sort of function that correctly identifies the NULL (or whatever we name them) values to determine that a new level is required. I'm trying to avoid having to back to MySQL for each level and make it generic enough (recursive) to not have to hard code the number of levels. Thanks for any help offered. Ward
  9. Data.xml Being Requested On Linked Chart

    Since their links parse hyphens a little differently, you might try to rename your files without them. Shot in the dark, but it might help. Ward
  10. Linkedchart With Multi-Series

    Thanks for your response. 1. Yes, all are included, and I can render other non-linked charts fine. 2. Same as 1 3. No 4. Yes (There would have been an error). I couldn't find any example code for a multi-series linkedChart on your site. If you point me to one, that would help tremendously. Thanks!
  11. Start Linkedchart Not At Top-Level

    Example... -2010 --1Q --2Q --3Q --4Q The xml would contain the parent chart (2010) and the four linkeddata nodes, but we'd like to have the initial view show 3Q. The user would have the choice to click back to return to 2010.
  12. Start Linkedchart Not At Top-Level

    We'd like to build a linkedChart and then start at a certain level below the top-level. Is there a round about way of trigger drill downs automatically by using the linkeddata id?
  13. Linkedchart With Multi-Series

    Are there any limitations with linkedCharts and Multi-Series Charts? I can't get this to render (getting the 'FusionCharts' output). Here is some sample XML... <chart showValues='0' bgAlpha='0'> <categories> <category name='Jan' /> <category name='Feb' /> </categories> <dataset seriesname='Plant1'> <set value='113435.705656052' link='newchart-xml-Jan' /> <set value='65744.8482737541' link='newchart-xml-Feb' /> </dataset> <dataset seriesname='Plant2'> <set value='182288.626574397' link='newchart-xml-Jan' /> <set value='99722.7292872667' link='newchart-bxml-Feb' /> </dataset> <linkeddata id="Jan"> <chart> <categories> <category name='Plant1' /> <category name='Plant2' /> </categories> <dataset seriesname='2010-Jan'> <set value='47411.7574198246' /> <set value='95453.3807282448' /> </dataset> </chart> </linkeddata> <linkeddata id="Feb"> <chart> <categories> <category name='Plant1' /> <category name='Plant2' /> </categories> <dataset seriesname='2010-Feb'> <set value='23073.0119767189' /> <set value='43789.7930704355' /> </dataset> </chart> </linkeddata> </chart> Thanks for your help, Ward
  14. Access tags within setDataXML

    I was never able to successfully reference the internal IDs of the markers and use ajax cluetips; however, I wrote this script which simply shows/hides a div with a XMLHttpRequest call: function map_popup(id, title, worktype, programphase) { openPopup(true, "map_popup"); var element = document.getElementById('map_popup'); var http = new XMLHttpRequest(); var url = "./../requesthandler/request_handler.php"; var params = "title=" + title + "&id=" + id + "&worktype=" + worktype + "&programphase=" + programphase + "&requestType=info"; http.open("POST", url, true); //Send the proper header information along with the request http.setRequestHeader("Content-type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"); http.setRequestHeader("Content-length", params.length); http.setRequestHeader("Connection", "close"); http.onreadystatechange = function() {//Call a function when the state changes. if(http.readyState == 4 && http.status == 200) { element.innerHTML = http.responseText; } } http.send(params); }
  15. Access tags within setDataXML

    I think you may have a typo in the first link. It just takes me to the main FusionMaps doc location.