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  1. Can FusionCharts help me?

    Thank you for your suggestion. This chart will help us a lot. Best regards! Tony
  2. Can FusionCharts help me?

    Hi All, In my applications, I have some data points to be shown in the XY plot chart. Which charts can be applied to such a case? If some charts can help me, can I add a trend line on the charts? Any help would be appreciated! Tony
  3. Thank you for your help. With your help the problem is resolved.
  4. Hi All, I provide the historical data when the chart has rendered for the first time. While the Real-time chart is running, I rewrite the XML file to add some new historical data. After rewrting, I refresh the web page. And the problem happens, the chart displays the old historical data. I guess that when the web page is refreshed the chart do not read the new historical data in the rewrited XML file. Please let me know how to do in this case??? Thank you so much! Tony