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  1. Hi freinds, I am using Fusioncharts XT 3.3.1. As of now i am using canvasPadding='50' property in line chart for space from left and right border of the chart. But now i want space at only right side of the chart and dont want space at left side . But now i am not able to do this. So please tell me the solution for setting space only at right side of the chart from border of the chart. And also i am attaching the chart for your reference..
  2. Hi Friends, I am using Fusioncharts XT 3.3.1. I just want to know how i can show data values and percentage in tooltip of in stacked2D chart. As of now i am using showvalues='1' showpercentvalues='1' ,but it is showing only percentage in tooltip. I also thought of using toolText=' ' but if i use this, then i want to calculate the percentage and i want to hard code the data values. I dont need this. So please tell me how i can show show data values and percentage in tooltip by setting some properties. Thanks & regards, Ravikumar
  3. Hi Friends, I am using Fusioncharts XT 3.3.1. In Stacked Column 2D chart usage,I want to know the Exact Property(or combination of multiple properties) which will enable me to limit the Labels(Long Text Values) to a specific length(or lines). As of now because of Long text labels The chart height is getting reduced a lot and the "showSum=1" values are not showing up.When text labels are shorter then "showSum=1" values are displayed. We have tried the various values for "labeldisplay = AUTO, WRAP, STAGGER, ROTATE, NONE" but none these values is giving the required output. Kindly give a solution for this urgent requirement. Thanks regards, Ravi
  4. sometimes charts not working

    Hi , I am using Fusioncharts XT 3.3.1. I am giving drilldown function for all my charts. Sometimes drilldown is not working in browsers. I got one solution while seeing fusionchart related pages, that is "beacuse of cache problem it is not working, you should clear the cache". After clearing the cache it worked fine. But all my pages which is having dashboards, all are in the Live Server, i cannot tell all my clients to do clear the cache whille it is not working. So Please tell me some parmanent solution for fix this problem from development end as soon as possible. It is an urgent issue to solve from me, Thank you, Regards, Ravikumar
  5. labels shrinking the pie chart

    Hi , I am using Fusioncharts XT 3.3.1. I want to display Pie chart with the labels, because of labels display,even though space is there , chart is shrinking. So it is looking very small. Please tell me the solution. Also i am attaching the chart image, please reference it.
  6. Doughnut2D value is 375

    Thanks for the reply. already i am using payed version. So upgrading to new version from present version is also a payed or free??
  7. Doughnut2D value is 375

    Hi , I am using Fusioncharts XT 3.3.1 . Now i want to use the chart "Doughnut2D" in my dashboard. But when the value is 375 , chart is not coming, only label is displaying in chart. it is rendering properly for all other values. I am not getting what is the problem. Here is the code which i am using, <?php $strXML="<chart formatNumberScale='0' showPercentValues='1' bgcolor='FFFFFF' xaxisname='Origin' yaxisname='# of Suppliers' exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='1' exportAction='download' toolbarButtonWidth='50' toolbarButtonColor='008ee4' toolbarVAlign='bottom' chartBottomMargin='20' exportFileName='aaaa'>"; $strXML.="<set label='Validation Under Progress' value='0' link='JavaScript:isJavaScriptCall=true;FN_Validation_under_progress_Drilldown(\"Validation Under Progress\");' />"; $strXML.="<set label='Validation Complete' value='375' link='JavaScript:isJavaScriptCall=true;FN_Validation_Product_chart(\"Validation Complete\");' />"; $strXML.="</chart>"; ?> and also i am attaching the screenshot for your reference , Please give me solution as soon as possible. It is very urgent. Thank you, Regards, Ravikumar
  8. StackedColumn2D issue

    Hi , I am using Fusioncharts XT 3.3.1, as of now i am using "StackedColumn2D" chart , in that i am enabled stack100Percent = '1' and showsum='1' , Chart is rendering fine, but when label value is big, the sum value is hiding, please help me out to display the sum and i dont want to use labelDisplay='STAGGER' because i wont look neat. Thank you, Regards, Ravikumar
  9. "No data to display" is not showing.

    Hi Moonmi, Following is the sample XML data. <?xml version="1.0"?> <chart caption="For Last 12 Months" bgcolor="FFFFFF" labeldisplay="rotate" slantLabels="1" yaxisname="# of Suppliers" exportEnabled="1" exportAtClient="1" exportAction="download" toolbarButtonWidth="50" toolbarButtonColor="008ee4" toolbarVAlign="bottom" chartBottomMargin="27" exportFileName="Students growth trend"> <categories> <category label="Jun-14"/> <category label="Jul-14"/> <category label="Aug-14"/> <category label="Sep-14"/> </categories> <dataset seriesname="Monthly "> <set value="12" color="008ee4"/> <set value="3" color="008ee4"/> <set value="85" color="008ee4"/> <set value="202" color="008ee4"/> </dataset><dataset seriesname="Cumulative" renderas="Line"> <set value="12"/> <set value="15"/> <set value="100"/> <set value="302"/> </dataset> </chart> and i am using following chart type MSCombi2D.swf. Thank you
  10. "No data to display" is not showing.

    I am using Bar2D,Bar3D,column2D,column3D,stackedcolumn2D..
  11. Adding filters

    Hi , I have created the drilldown charts, now i want to add filters ,but i am not getting how to add filters for each drilldown chart (combination drilldown and filters), please help me.. thank you
  12. Hi, I am using Fusioncharts XT 3.3.1 ."No data to display" message is coming if i dont enable the export button in the chart. Now i want to enable the export button for the charts, but even though there is no data , it is rendering empty chart and it is not showing the message "No data to display". So now i want chart should dispaly "No data to display" message if there is no data. Kindly tell me the sollution. Thank you, regards, Ravi kumar M
  13. Export issue in IE 11

    Hi, I am using Fusioncharts XT 3.3.1 and as of now i enabled export button. This export button is working fine in all the browsers but When i export using IE, it is exporting but black and white chart is coming. exported charts not showing the any chart color. So please help me out to solve this as soon as possible.. and i also attached the sample exported png file. Please refer it. Thank you, Regards Ravikumar M
  14. Repositioning Export button

    Hi, By using this 'Export button' property toolbarHAlign="left"/"right" , i can only place the "Export button" at right or left corner of the chart. Actually when i use it in "SSgrid", 'Export button' is overlapping on the "navigation button" of the SSgrid. So i also tried toolbarHAlign="middle" property, but it is not working , So can you please help me out to how i can reposition the 'Export button' (eg: reposioning the 'export button' to "middle" or position-left="50" like that) and also ssgrid is not supporting for chartBottomMargin properties . Please reply as soon as possible.. Thank you Regards, Ravikumar m
  15. Printing the dashboard

    Hi, I am having dashboards and i am using "export button" to export in each chart, now i want to provide the button for printing the entire page( entire dashboard). So i tried following code to achieve which is taken from fusionchart documentation. But this code is taking too much time to print and if i use this concept, it will be a performance issue, So please help me out to achieve this using any alternative way or any modification i need to do in the following code. Its very Urgent . <html> <head> <title>FusionCharts Print Manager</title> <script type="text/javascript" src="FusionCharts/FusionCharts.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> function Print_chart() { FusionCharts.printManager.enabled(true); FusionCharts.addEventListener ( FusionChartsEvents.PrintReadyStateChange , function (identifier, parameter) { if(parameter.ready){ alert("Chart is now ready for printing."); document.getElementById('printButton').disabled = false; } }); var myChart = new FusionCharts( "FusionCharts/Column3D.swf", "myChartId", "400", "300", "0", "1" ); myChart.setXMLUrl("Data.xml"); myChart.render("chartContainer"); } </script> </head> <body onload="Print_chart();"> <div id="chartContainer">FusionCharts will load here!</div> <input type="button" onclick="FusionCharts.printManager.managedPrint()" value="Managed Print" disabled="disabled" id="printButton" > </body> </html> Thank you, Regards, Ravikumar M