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  1. Thank you for your reply. What I wanted to do is to have multi level indentation so the align options don't fit into the picture. I finally ended up using unicode character 'NO-BREAK SPACE' (U+00A0) to construct the indentation as deep as I need, this way FusionCharts will not trim it as opposed to the normal blank space.
  2. Hi, We are in the midst of upgrading our FusionCharts' library to the latest version and found that the process label in Gantt chart no longer respects the indentation we put in the labels for Process. We used to have something like the following (chart was rendered in Flash): >Deliverable 1 >>Deliverable 1.1 >>>Activity 1.1.1 >>>Activity 1.1.2 > represents number of spaces we have in the text Any idea/suggestion on this would be much appreciated. Regards.