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  1. Hi, I have large no. of data points that need to be plotted in Line chart. Initially, we started using the MSLINE chart since it has all features what customer needs. BUT right now it takes almost 20 sec to get render in client. Interestingly, server side logic took just 2 sec (completed business process & prepared JSON & sent it to Client) and rest all it for drawing in the screen. So, when we started looking other chart types we ended up in zoomLine chart. it works relatively faster than MSLINE, But we stuck at showing seriesName along with DataValue when hover on it. If it's just show value won't be help user anyways. Please find attached screen shot for reference and help me !! I am open to go with any other chart type,which has similar to line chart OR any help on showing the Series name along with Data Value in ZOOMLINE. Thanks Vijay