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  1. Hi there We use fusioncharts in Javascript mode, and understand that there is currently only 1 method to export this type of chart - PHP. We would like to know if the product will be extended to include a Java exporter for HTML5 charts? If this is on the product roadmap, could you please give a time frame. Many thanks Alex
  2. Product Roadmap - Java exporter

    Hi Nabajeet Thanks for all your fast replies. So could I just clarify, you're a week away from the next release and you're not sure if it will include a Java export handler? Regards, Alex
  3. Product Roadmap - Java exporter

    Hi Nabajeet Thank you for your reply. That's good to hear as our application runs on Weblogic, Wehsphere and JBoss, we don't want to install a web server just to run the PHP. May I ask when is your next release due? Regards, Alex