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  1. Hi Team, I am working on one application which is already created and using licensed version of fusioncharts.FusionChart.js file details are as follows: /* FusionCharts JavaScript Library Copyright FusionCharts Technologies LLP License Information at <> @version fusioncharts/3.3.1-sr2.19840 @attributions (infers respective third-party copyrights) Raphael 2.1.0 (modified as "Red Raphael") <> SWFObject v2.2 (modified) <> JSON v2 <> jQuery 1.8.3 <> Firebug Lite 1.3.0 <> */ All my fusion chart js files are of version 3.3.1-sr2 except js file used for powercharts which is of version(@version fusioncharts/3.2.4-release.8565) 3.2.4.Now whenever I create any powerchart like Spline ,Radar etc it shows me error "0x800a138f - Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unable to get value of the property 'legendTypes': object is null or undefined". Is there a way to get the powercharts js file of same version as of other files.