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  1. Tooltips not showing

    Hello: I've recently come across a problem while using FusionCharts V3 and PowerCharts V3 together. The issue is that whenever I combine charts from both Fusion and Power Charts, tooltips are not shown for one or the other. I'll explain it further: I have a web app that loads charts dynamically (as precompiled swf files). This charts can be of any type from both Fusion and Power Charts. The app loads the charts based on a xml file with a list of the charts to be loaded, along with other info. What I have observed is that whenever the first chart loaded is from FusionCharts, all the subsequent charts from PowerCharts don't show tooltips and vice versa. However if I set the xml file with charts of only one suit, either Fusion or Power Charts, the tooltips do show. Please help me solve this issue. Thanks in advance. Carlos massieu.
  2. Range Bar

    I'm not sure if I can give you a working prototype, I will have to ask for permision first, but I don't see a problem with a screenshot in the mean time. Where do you want me to send it? PM with the mail address. Cmassieu.
  3. Export to JPEG

    Hehe... that Sephiroth... I've been visiting his website for a long time now, and he always find the way to surprise me with a new "oh, I was toying with this and that, and look what came of it...". Anyway, I was looking for the same functionality for a dashboard I was developing and came across the solution provided by Sephiroth, I analyzed and implemented, but no matter how I tried to optimize the solution I always ended up with either long times of processing (which given the client-side nature of Flash is not to be relied on) or long times of transfer resulting in a bandwidth problem. I think there are ways to serialize images in order to send them to server-side scripts that can process it and store it or do whatever you need with them, but that only solves the cross-platform end of the problem not the heavy process/bandwidth end, but I'm no web developer, I'm more into Actionscript that anything else. I finally decided to redraw the chart in a smaller container before processing and sending it to the server-side script but that was only a work-around more than a solution. Sincerely: Cmassieu
  4. Range Bar

    Hello I've been working with Fusion Charts for over a year now, and I'm very pleased with the product, I only wish you had developed Fusion maps earlier... I had to create something similar to Fusion Maps some months ago because it wasn't available at the time, and I'm surprised to see how similar my implementation and Fusion Maps are, however there is a functionality that I don't see: the ability to adjust the ranges used to colorize the map areas. In my implementation there is a range bar with x number of ranges with sliding bars that allow the user to adjust the range for a particular set. The ranges load with a set min and max value from the xml data and the map areas colorize according to those. When the user moves the sliding bars on the Range Bar, the min and max values of the range change based on the min and max value of the whole bar, then the map is redrawn with the new values. For this to work there must be a property on the region nodes that is set to be used as the value to determine which range applies to the region. I don't plan on getting a Fusion Maps license for now, because I'm pretty happy with the functionality I developed, however I think this is a very desirable feature to be included in future versions of Fusion Maps. Sincerely: Cmassieu.