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  1. FeedData_JS.html

    Doesn't appear yoy bothered to read my question in its entirety - just shot off a stock answer - incredibly unhelpful. In FusionCharts.js in v3 there is NO METHOD named feedData. NONE, NADA, NOT THERE. Thus, things that call feedData DO NOT WORK. Based on your response, it is no surprise that your demos call non-existent methods. So, do you support the method feedData, and, if not, why not?????????? Kevin Clougherty
  2. FeedData_JS.html

    The example FeedData_JS.html provided in today's download of FusionGadgets v3 does not work. It includes a js method call on the chart object named feedData. That method does not appear in FusionCharts.js. What's up? Kevin Clougherty