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  1. Hello, (Due to problems with displaying my code examples inside this post, the code is in attached txt file - please open it prior to reading further). I have a record value in mySQL database which contains apostrophe (see txt file). After launching addDataFromDatabase in which the record with the apostrophe is involved, final XML for this record is broken and the chart cannot be displayed properly. I see encodeSpecialChars function in your PHP library, but it seems something goes wrong with encoding. Thank you in advance for your support. Regards, Boasoft. encoding_problem.txt
  2. Hi, When exporting with use of FC_exporter.php, I got wrong chart colors in exported JPG. The problem exists only on remote server - on my localhost everything is OK. It does not work correctly neither in IE7/IE8 nor in FF. 1.png - exported JPG saved by exporting function on localhost - correct one. 2.png - the same exported JPG saved by exporting function on remote server (web server) - incorrect one. Attributes in XML file: I have tried with different bgColor, bgSWF, etc. - with no success. So it seems that the bug is somewhere in exporting routine. Boasoft.
  3. Weird colors when exporting to JPG

    Perfect solution! Works great both on remote Linux and local WindowsXP :-))). Shouldn't it be a part of current version of FusionCharts? Regards, Boasoft.
  4. Hi, I have FusionChart with gif defined in bgSWF parameter. The gif is very small (1050 bytes). I use automatic export to JPG by calling following JavaScript functions: function FC_Rendered(DomID) { chartObjects[DomID] = getChartFromId(DomID); intervlId[DomID] = setInterval(function() {CheckRender(DomID);}, 10); }; function CheckRender(DomID) { //If this Properties are True that means the Chart Became Updated if(chartObjects[DomID] && chartObjects[DomID].hasRendered && chartObjects[DomID].hasRendered()){ window.clearInterval(intervlId[DomID]); //exporting the chart chartObjects[DomID].exportChart({exportFileName: '/files/'+JPGfile[(DomID.charAt((DomID.length)-1))-1] }); // ( { exportAtClient: '1'} ) } }; The code itself was provided in this forum by one of FS developer in the past. The problem is that the background file is not visible in exported JPG. It can be seen that the background appears a bit after the chart is rendered and therefore export procedure triggerred by FC_Rendered does not "see" the background image yet. The same problem occurs when animation=1 is set - FC_rendered is trigerred too early and sometimes instead of lines (in case of e.g. ScrollArea2D.swf) exported JPG contains anchors only (as lines have rendered several hundred miliseconds after FC_Rendered was fired). Do you know how to fix this issue? How to ensure that exportChart fired after FC_Rendered will always contain full screenshot? Is it possible for you to delay trigger of FC_Rendered a bit? Regards, Boasoft.
  5. Background image and FC_Rendered problem

    Hi, Thanks for suggestion! However, it will not work the way you presented, because of problems with passing DomID to the "inside" of setTimeout. The solution which works is as follows: //exporting the chart var t= function() {chartObjects[DomID].exportChart({exportFileName: '/files/'+JPGfile[(DomID.charAt((DomID.length)-1))-1] });} u=setTimeout(t,500); Problem solved!