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  1. Hi, I have used trendlines for Today in my Fusion Chart and I am using Gantt.swf file for displaying the chart. I am getting a single line instead of a bar for the whole day. Similarly if some data falls for one day ie.start from 20-Sep and ends in 20-Sep, I am getting the graph only at the start point and not for the full day. Please refer the below image for the same. Your inputs would be helpful for me. Thanks, Mala.S
  2. Hi Pallav, Thanks for the reply. Please see the attached image. I want the scroll bar only in the left pane as it is in the following link
  3. How to enable the scroll bar in the panes in the Fusion Chart?
  4. But, I am getting the graph with <BR> tags which are without special characters.
  5. Hi, The graph XML looks something like the below one and the word which contains special character is highlighted. Thanks, <graph ganttWidthPercent='80' caption='Details' ganttLineColor='cccccc' ganttLineThickness= '0' ganttLineAlpha='40' canvasBorderColor='C0C0C0' canvasBorderThickness='1' canvasBorderAlpha='100' dateFormat='mm/dd/yyyy' animation='0' showTaskNames='0' gridBorderAlpha='40' > <categories isBold='1'> <category start='5/1/2007' end='5/31/2007' name='2007'/> </categories> <categories isBold='1'> <category start='5/1/2007' end='5/31/2007' name='May'/> </categories> <categories align='left' > <category start='5/1/2007' end='5/6/2007' name='5/1' /> <category start='5/7/2007' end='19/13/2007' name='5/7' /> <category start='5/14/2007' end='5/20/2007' name='5/14' /> <category start='5/21/2007' end='5/27/2007' name='5/21' /> <category start='5/28/2007' end='5/31/2007' name='5/28' /> </categories> <trendlines> <line start="5/17/2007" displayValue="Today" color="666666" isTrendZone="1" alpha="20" /> </trendlines> <categories isBold='0' fontSize='9'> <category start='5/1/2007' end='5/1/2007' name='T' /> <category start='5/2/2007' end='5/2/2007' name='W'/> <category start='5/3/2007' end='5/3/2007' name='T'/> <category start='5/4/2007' end='5/4/2007' name='F'/> <category start='5/5/2007' end='5/5/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1' /> <category start='5/6/2007' end='5/6/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1' fontColor='ff0000' /> <category start='5/7/2007' end='5/7/2007' name='M' /> <category start='5/8/2007' end='5/8/2007' name='T'/> <category start='5/9/2007' end='5/9/2007' name='W'/> <category start='5/10/2007' end='5/10/2007' name='T'/> <category start='5/11/2007' end='5/11/2007' name='F'/> <category start='5/12/2007' end='5/12/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1'/> <category start='5/13/2007' end='5/13/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1' fontColor='ff0000'/> <category start='5/14/2007' end='5/14/2007' name='M'/> <category start='5/15/2007' end='5/15/2007' name='T'/> <category start='5/16/2007' end='5/16/2007' name='W'/> <category start='5/17/2007' end='5/17/2007' name='T'/> <category start='5/18/2007' end='5/18/2007' name='F'/> <category start='5/19/2007' end='5/19/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1'/> <category start='5/20/2007' end='5/20/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1' fontColor='ff0000'/> <category start='5/21/2007' end='5/21/2007' name='M'/> <category start='5/22/2007' end='5/22/2007' name='T'/> <category start='5/23/2007' end='5/23/2007' name='W'/> <category start='5/24/2007' end='5/24/2007' name='T'/> <category start='5/25/2007' end='5/25/2007' name='F'/> <category start='5/26/2007' end='5/26/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1'/> <category start='5/27/2007' end='5/27/2007' name='S' bgColor='f1f1f1' fontColor='ff0000'/> <category start='5/28/2007' end='5/28/2007' name='M'/> <category start='5/29/2007' end='5/29/2007' name='T'/> <category start='5/30/2007' end='5/30/2007' name='W'/> <category start='5/31/2007' end='5/31/2007' name='T'/> </categories> <processes headerVAlign="center" headerText="Team Member" positionInGrid="Left"> <process Name="Kandkkena L. Wolk" id="1" /> </processes> <tasks> <task start="05/16/2007" processId="33" end="05/17/2007" Id="113" color="333333,ffffff,333333" alpha="80" animation="1" height="7" hoverText="Mr Kandkkena L. Wolk,<br>Senior Consultant,XYMMDM,<br>Ceara & SaoLuis,BR
  6. I am using dataURL method only, but still it throws the error "Invalid XML data" when there are special characters in the XML. (
  7. I have some special characters in the XML data which we feed to the dataURL in the fusion charts. Below is the piece of XML code which I am sending to the dataURL, where the country name has a special character. It is throwing - Invalid XML data. <task start="08/16/2005" processId="33" end="08/17/2005" Id="113" color="333333,ffffff,333333" alpha="80" animation="1" height="7" hoverText="Mr Sinlan,Consultant,Ceara & SaoLuis,BR