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  1. Linked Chart Not Working Properly

    Ok, that's all fine and good, but why couldn't you have said that the first time instead of the canned response to look at the documentation.. especially since the documentation says to use newchart-json, and my code above shows that is what I am using as well?
  2. Linked Chart Not Working Properly

    Ok.. so this is weird... i fixed the problem, although I'm not sure why it works this way. I changed the link to newchart-xml-chartid and it works. Why would this be the case when I am using json for the data?
  3. Linked Chart Not Working Properly

    Update.... I have added console logging and have seen no errors reported. I also added event listening to BeforeLinkedItemOpen, LinkedItemOpened, BeforeLinkedItemClose, LinkedItemClosed, Error, and Warning and have had no alerts.
  4. Linked Chart Not Working Properly

    Thank you, but I have been through the documentation and copied the example above and am having the same problem.
  5. Linked Chart Not Working Properly

    Hello, I have a licensed installation of FusionCharts 3.2.1, and have set up a 3d pie chart to have linked charts via the newchart-json method. I am using php to create the data in an array and then json encoding it. When I click on a slice, nothing happens. I am able to set it to a url and have it follow the link. Here is my code and json: <div id="budgetPieChartCont"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> /*<![CDATA[*/ (function() { var chart_BudgetPie = new FusionCharts("/charts/fusioncharts/Pie3D.swf", "budgetPieChart", "280", "298", "0", "1"); var objJSON = <?= json_encode($this->recommendation['rollup']['charts']['pieChart']) ?>; chart_BudgetPie.setJSONData(objJSON); chart_BudgetPie.render("budgetPieChartCont"); })(); /*]]>*/ </script> { "chart":{ "caption":"Budget Allocation (Top 10 Rollups)", "showvalues":0, "showlabels":0, "decimals":2, "enablerotation":0, "basefontsize":10, "bgcolor":"FFFFFF", "bgangle":270, "bgalpha":"10,10", "showborder":0, "startingangle":80, "pieradius":105}, "data":[ {"label":"Online National","value":"0.268502271819","color":"01304A","tooltext":"Online National<BR>2,685,023 - 26.85%","link":"newchart-json-online-national"}, {"label":"In-Theater","value":"0.308035228593","color":"F69100","tooltext":"In-Theater<BR>3,080,352 - 30.80%","link":"newchart-json-in-theater"}, {"label":"Magazines","value":"0.284025093148","color":"A60411","tooltext":"Magazines<BR>2,840,251 - 28.40%","link":"newchart-json-magazines"}, {"label":"In-Market Online","value":"0.0842810857986","color":"3B834A","tooltext":"In-Market Online<BR>842,811 - 8.43%","link":"newchart-json-in-market-online"}, {"label":"Newspaper","value":"0.0551563206405","color":"DDE1E6","tooltext":"Newspaper<BR>551,563 - 5.52%","link":"newchart-json-newspaper"} ], "linkeddata":[ { "id":"online-national", "linkedcharts":{ "chart":{ "caption":"Lever Budget Allocation (Online National)" }, "data":[ {"label":"Online National - Auto Network - Behavioral Targeting Intenders Display","value":"0.29200342237","tooltext":"Online National - Auto Network - Behavioral Targeting Intenders Display<BR>784,036 - 29.20%"}, {"label":"Online National - General Ad Network - Content Targeting Display","value":"0.0835421613395","tooltext":"Online National - General Ad Network - Content Targeting Display<BR>224,313 - 8.35%"}, {"label":"Online National - Social Roadblock\/Sponsorship","value":"0.163467508633","tooltext":"Online National - Social Roadblock\/Sponsorship<BR>438,914 - 16.35%"}, {"label":"Online National - Social Display","value":"0.159638446522","tooltext":"Online National - Social Display<BR>428,633 - 15.96%"}, {"label":"Online National - Portal Display","value":"0.220111383628","tooltext":"Online National - Portal Display<BR>591,004 - 22.01%"}, {"label":"Online National - Business\/Finance Display","value":"0.0355562592318","tooltext":"Online National - Business\/Finance Display<BR>95,469 - 3.56%"}, {"label":"Online National - News Display","value":"0.0366148893621","tooltext":"Online National - News Display<BR>98,312 - 3.66%"}, {"label":"Online National - Sports Display","value":"0.00906592891292","tooltext":"Online National - Sports Display<BR>24,342 - 0.91%"} ] } }, { "id":"in-theater", "linkedcharts":{ "chart":{ "caption":"Lever Budget Allocation (In-Theater)" }, "data":[ {"label":"In-Theater - Mainstream","value":"1","tooltext":"In-Theater - Mainstream<BR>3,080,352 - 100.00%"} ] } }, { "id":"magazines", "linkedcharts":{ "chart":{ "caption":"Lever Budget Allocation (Magazines)" }, "data":[ {"label":"Magazines - Parenting","value":"0.381627554796","tooltext":"Magazines - Parenting<BR>1,083,918 - 38.16%"}, {"label":"Magazines - Entertainment","value":"0.368536489811","tooltext":"Magazines - Entertainment<BR>1,046,736 - 36.85%"}, {"label":"Magazines - Epicurean","value":"0.191989150835","tooltext":"Magazines - Epicurean<BR>545,297 - 19.20%"}, {"label":"Magazines - Active Enthusiast","value":"0.0578468045568","tooltext":"Magazines - Active Enthusiast<BR>164,299 - 5.78%"} ] } }, { "id":"in-market-online", "linkedcharts":{ "chart":{ "caption":"Lever Budget Allocation (In-Market Online)" }, "data":[ {"label":"In-Market Online - Auto In-Market Display","value":"0.714085805689","tooltext":"In-Market Online - Auto In-Market Display<BR>601,839 - 71.41%"}, {"label":"In-Market Online - Auto In-Market Roadblock\/Sponsorship","value":"0.285914194311","tooltext":"In-Market Online - Auto In-Market Roadblock\/Sponsorship<BR>240,972 - 28.59%"} ] } }, { "id":"newspaper", "linkedcharts":{ "chart":{ "caption":"Lever Budget Allocation (Newspaper)" }, "data":[ {"label":"Newspaper - National Newspaper","value":"0.793447338228","tooltext":"Newspaper - National Newspaper<BR>437,636 - 79.34%"} {"label":"Newspaper - Newspaper - Top 10 Markets","value":"0.206552661772","tooltext":"Newspaper - Newspaper - Top 10 Markets<BR>113,927 - 20.66%"} ] } } ], "styles":{ "definition":{ "style":{ "name":"TTipFont","type":"font","ishtml":1 } }, "application":{ "apply":{ "toobject":"TOOLTIP","styles":"TTipFont" } } } } I have all of the js files (highcarts, jquery.min, etc) in the same directory ad FusionCharts.js. The only thing I can think if is that we are also using jQuery 1.4.4. I have tried removing the jquery.min file to see if it was conflicting, and still have the same result. I also noticed in some examples "linkedchart" is used instead of "linkedcharts". I have tried this as well with no effect. Any help will be appreciated. Take care, Curtis
  6. Hello, I am using the jQuery plugin to render my charts. When I try to use JavaScript and pass a variable in the set element, I get a Syntax Error reported in Firebug. The link looks similar to this: doSomething('foo') The error that firebug is reporting looks like this: Syntax Error doSomething('foo' ) The same code works fine when I render the chart the "old fashioned" way. I can definitely do that, but would like to continue to use the jQuery plugin for rendering as it is cleaner and appears to perform a little better. take care, Curtis