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  1. Hi; I'm creating a bar2d chart where the bars are filled with a dark color. When the bars are small the value is displayed at the right of the bar (which is great). But for larger bars the value is displayed inside the bar (which is also great to avoid clipping) but the text is difficult to read (see the attached image). My question is: Is there a way to display a bar chart that automatically uses a dark color to draw the value when it is out of the bar and uses a brighter color (white) when the value text is displayed inside the bar? Could you please help me find a solution that makes the "100%" values of the attached bar charts (the last 4 items) be drawn using white color and the "50%" values (the first 2 items) drawn unsing black color as they are right now? Thanks for your help, Jordi
  2. Hi; I'm using FusionCharts integrated with Angular2. I followed the guide and got the chart displayed. However it shows the 'FusionCharts XT Trial' watermark. As I have already purchased the licenses, what should I do to avoid the Trial watermark from being displayed? Best regards, Jordi
  3. Very Large Box and Whisker Datasets

    Hi Akash; Thanks for reply. However I don't understand the rational for not supporting this type of charts for large datasets. A Box and Whisker chart is a chart that is used to describe a set of numbers. It describes a dataset regardless of its size. I do not understand why my end user should only see this chart when it comes from a small amount of data and should not see it if it comes from a huge dataset of numbers. Even more, statistical information makes more sense for large amounts of data. FusionCharts is a charting library, not a statistics library, so I should be able to display the best charts to describe the data that I want to communicate to the end user. On top of this, the way we manage data is by applying weights to the different numbers of the dataset (not all data points have the same weight), so in this case letting the chart to calculate the statistics is not going to work either. I really think that as a charting library FusionCharts should seriously consider to provide a way to display Box and Whisker charts for large datasets. If this means that key metrics (median, q1, q3, etc.) should be calculated in advance and then given to the library to plot the intended chart, this is fine. I bought the PowerCharts license mainly for this type of chart. As our application manages large amounts of data I need your support to find a workaround that allows us to display Box and Whisker charts for large datasets. Please provide some assistance and help. Best regards, Jordi
  4. Very Large Box and Whisker Datasets

    Hi; I'm using release v3.13.1-src1, and I need to use Box and Whisker charts with tens of thousands of values, so sending all of the values to the browser is not going to work efficiently. I understand from this thread that this chart can also be displayed if I calculate the median, q1, q3 etc. but I cannot find it in the documentation. Please can you confirm whether this is supported and provide some documentation on how to do it? Thanks for your support, Jordi
  5. Hi; When using the exportEnabled=1 atribute a menu buttom is displayed. When it is pressed a dropdown list with 5 options to export is shown (PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF and XLS). I'm using the exportFormats attribute to customize the text of the options. I'd like to remove the XLS option from the menu, but cannot figure out how to do it using exportFormats. Is there a specific text that I could include in exportFormats to make the XLS option disapear from the menu? If not, any work around? Thanks, Jordi
  6. Hi; Is there any attribute to change the order in which the labels are placed when a radar chart is created? Labels are displayed following a counterclockwise order, and I'd like them to be displayed following a clockwise order. Building or manipulating the order in which labels are placed in the Category array, is not a good workaround for me, since it has some side-effects that I'd like to aviod. Thanks in advance, Jordi
  7. Hi; I'm building a Dashboard where I need to place several ms2dbar charts one under the other (as if each chart was a row in a one column table). The problem that I'm facing is that for each chart, the width of the area reserved for the labels depends on the length on the labels. This makes the bars to horizontally start at diferent positions for each chart, which makes the dashboard look pretty messy. Is there a whay to specify a fixed width for the area where labels are displayed (in either pixels or % of the total chart width)? Thanks!
  8. Hi; I'have a multiseries bar 2D chart, with 'maxLabelWidthPercent' set to 50. As the chart is multiseries, there is space for the labels to wrap and Split in two text lines, however this does not happen. In the second ítem of the attached file, you'll see what I mean. Please, could you help me understand what is going on, and what can be done to have the whole label displayed in multuiple text lines? Thanks for your support, Jordi
  9. Hi; Is there a way to set formatting attributes (font color, font size, etc.) in the labels of the Quadrants (quadrantLabelTL, quadrantLabelTR, etc.) of the Scatter Charts? Thanks for your help, Jordi