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  1. I have a html page that contains several previously rendered charts. If the user resizes the page I want to resize the charts. I am able to get a handle to the chart object via getChartFromId, but when I try calling .render(containerid) on the chart object i get an "Object doesn't support this property or method" error. Can you do the following? ( I haven't shown the resizing code yet, I just want to get the call to .render working first var chartObj = getChartFromId(graph.id);chartObj.render(graphContainer.id); Thanks very much.
  2. Hi Madhumita, Yes that works, and it also works with : document.getElementById("ajaxdiv").innerHTML = myChart2.getSWFHTML(); I need it to work with the "ajaxdiv" reference because the xmlhttpresponse will send html with variable div containers into which I will need to render the charts, and I won't know the names of the container divs until the xmlhttpresponse is received. i.e. ajaxdiv might not be called ajaxdiv, but will be named according to dynamic rules. Do you suggest I change my production code as above, or are you still investigating?
  3. Hi Madhumita, When I try your version I get the same problem - the second chart does not display at all. I am using IE 7.0.6001.18000. Does it work for you?
  4. Hi, I have a project where I am refreshing a div with a chart via xmlhttprequest, and I am running some Javascript from the response - when I try to set a chartWidth of 100% within the ajax-provided response the chart is not displayed at all. If I use a chartWidth that is a pixel value then it does work. Can anyone explain what is going on, and how I can get FusionCharts to support a width of 100% when operating using this technique. Sorry that I have not shown any code in the actual post - I have attached some simple html and xml files that demonstrate the behaviour. Thanks very much. FusionChartsTest.zip