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  1. The chart is not exported when exist accents in the text. After export the chart the api show me the following: DOMId= height=0 width=0 fileName= statusMessage=failure statusCode=0 I'm using version 3.5.0
  2. Yes!!! Thanks for your support. Regards, SPP
  3. When I add this link (index.php?action=1) in addChartData parameters, the site is not redirected to complete url. $FC->addChartData(50,"link=index.php?action=1"); Is redirected to "index.php?action" without "=1" What happens? Regards, SPP
  4. Error to export charts in JPG

    Ok, thanks for your support. I will be waiting the solution Regards, Simon.
  5. Error to export charts in JPG

    Nothing...... :crying:
  6. Error to export charts in JPG

    Where I found this configuration?... in php.ini?
  7. Error to export charts in JPG

    Thanks for your answer. I'm call the ExportMyChart() function: function ExportMyChart() { var chartObject = getChartFromId('chart01'); if( chartObject.hasRendered() ) chartObject.exportChart( { exportFormat: 'JPG' } ); } The parameters used: exportEnabled=1; exportHandler=/fs/ExportHandlers/FCExporter.php; exportAtClient=0; exportAction=download; and exportEnabled=1; exportHandler=; exportAtClient=0; exportAction=download;
  8. Error to export charts in JPG

    I use theFusioncharts with PHP Class.
  9. I read other cases, but I'm not found the solution. In my developer server export the charts, but in my production server show: DOOMId= height=0 width=0 fileName= statusMessage= Insufficient data. statusCode=0 Any ideas? Thanks.