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  1. Hello, I have a website running FusionCharts 3.2.x - FusionCharts*.js files are dated August, 2012 - with quite a lot of SWF maps ("old maps") and some charts, too. Code example for an "old map": <script type="text/javascript"> function piirra(a, { var map = new FusionMaps("tiedostot/swf/C_FCMap_FinlandTerminals_75691.swf", "Map1Id", "150", "300", "0", "0"); map.setDataURL("tiedostot/xml2/201501-" + a + ".xml"); map.render(; } piirra('20-214', 'mapdiv21'); </script> So I've used the dataURL mechanism here. Now I would like to upgrade to 3.5.1 and start using JScript maps ("new maps"), while still displaying the old maps. Code example (planned) for "new maps": FusionCharts.ready(function () { var k23 = new FusionCharts({ "type": "maps/finlandp", "renderAt": "map23", "width": "270", "height": "470", "dataFormat": "xmlurl", "dataSource": "tiedostot/xml3/2015xx-10-214.xml" }); k23.render(); }); Nothing spectacular here. I tried just copying the new fusioncharts.js on top of FusionCharts.js, but after this the "old maps" do not display. But if I then revert from fusioncharts.js to FusionCharts.js, the "new maps" do not display, of course. So presently I can either display "old maps" or "new maps", but not both simultaneously. Is there a way to do this by deploying fusioncharts.js and fine-tuning the old HTML code (see above) to fit the new version? --It would be very convenient for me if I didn't have to change ANY of the old XML.