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  1. Legend wrap using themes, not with no theme

    Using that jsfiddle reveals that increasing the legendIconScale to 2 stops wrapping the text, but if I do that, it takes too much vertical space. Also, it seems no matter how wide I make the chart the legend never gets any wider. It'd be great to be able to specify a legend width as % of canvas. That would help a lot. It seems really strange that if the chart is set to 370px wide and I set it to 2 columns it wraps the word "Opportunity", but at 4 columns it doesn't. It seems that if the legend is only 2 columns, then each column could be wider than if I'm trying to fit 4 columns in the legend. --Bryan
  2. I'm trying out themes to improve the look of some of my charts and I've found that while my multiseries column chart legend did NOT wrap when no theme was specified, one of the labels wraps as soon as I use any of the provided themes. What strikes me as particularly odd about this is the font size in the themes is smaller than what's being used with no theme specified. Here's an example with 'fint' on the left and no theme on the right. Is there anything I can do to help the legend keep from wrapping? I've got 'legendNumColumns':2 and 'minimiseWrappingInLegend':'1' in my JSON. Thanks! --Bryan