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  1. (my english is not the best, sry for it) Hi, I recently tried to not show the tooltip on "error line" element. I only can do it by disabling all the tooltip of the chart with the attribute "showToolTip". The problem that I have is that I want to keep the tooltip when we drive the mouse over the anchor point, without tooptip on the errorlines that are defined for this anchor. From this, the "showToolTip" attribute is no longer usefull. Is there an option that I missed, to help solving this issue without modifying the source code of PowerCharts. I hope that I have been clear in my request. Best regards, David
  2. Hi Nabajeet. Thanks for the answer. If you or someone else ever knows if there is a workaround, I am really interested in it. Maybe this will be patched in the future (might already planned) ? Best regards.