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  1. Oracle connection

    I tried connect to Oracle after restarting server, but error is still present. Before reboot I give "Aithenticated Users" account Read & Execute permission like described on this URL: http://moustafa-arafa.blogspot.com/2007/04/systemdataoracleclient-requires-oracle.html
  2. This issue occurring on all charts that configured for drill down. Only drill down don't work. Rotation, Slicing Movement and clicking for legend is worked. When I disable Flash Player in IE11 the drill down is working.
  3. Oracle connection

    No I don't restart Sharepoint Server. But why I need to restart it?
  4. Hi, I install Oracle Instant client 10.2 32bit and 64bit on Sharepoint server. But when I try to connect to Oracle database, this is error: "For System.Data.OracleClient requires client software to Oracle version 8.1.7 or later". What I need to install to connect to Oracle database?
  5. Hi, See screenshot in attach. I translate error from russian: Unable to get the property "split" links, the value of which is not defined or is NULL. The drill down works fine on Firefox with Adobe Flash
  6. I use Collabion Charts for SharePoint 2013 v. Drill down don't work on IE11 with Adobe Flash When I click on data plot nothing happened.