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  1. Hi Nabajeet, Wow that had really resolved the issue. Setting dashLen = 3 making it visible in Firefox and other browsers. Thanks to you for your support. Thanks, Senthil.
  2. Hi, Fusion chart labels are partly hiding while exporting, while rendering in IE, the chart looks fine but when exported the labels are not displayed fully. Please refer to the screen shot for better understanding. Please suggest, if this can be resolved. Thanks, Senthil.
  3. Hi Nabajeet, Thanks for your response but unfortunately, the option suggested doesn't resolve the Firefox (version 35) issue. Thanks, Senthil
  4. Hi, In JavaScript rendering, Trend point in Gauge is not displayed in Firefox and in Chrome but its showing up in IE. Following below the data we input, (please refer to the screenshot for better understanding of the issue) Note: Trend point is displayed in Flash rendering both in Firefox and Chrome but not in JavaScript rendering. GaugeDataXML.txt
  5. Thanks Vishalika!!! Its just that i didnt realize that a .js ""worldwithcountries" exist in fusion maps galary. Given this name as you suggested and it started working fine.
  6. How to show countries in world map in javascript rendering without the swf file. In javascript rendering i could see only the continents and hence country specific data is not displayed but in flash rendering it is displayed. please refer to the attached screenshots.