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  1. Show/hide axes in bar2d

    I'm using FusionCharts 3.8 for JS. I have a bar2d chart that I want to customize in a very specific way. I've been all over the docs to try to find a solution and haven't found anything about controlling the style of the axes themselves (not the labels, the axis lines). To this post I attached an image "defaultchart" which is what I get by default. I want to REMOVE the "y axis" (the one pointed to by the red arrow in the attached "yaxis" image). How would I do that? I also want to ADD an "x axis" like the one I added in the attached "with_x_axis" image. How would I do that? I'm having trouble finding the best way to find all possible chart properties. Is there any place in the docs that lets you search for properties? Thank you for any help you can provide.
  2. Yes, the Scatter chart seems to be the best choice. I apologize if I was unclear, so let me try to rephrase. The issue was that I have some data, say "temperature" that I want to graph over time. I want to see the graph over a whole year, so 365 days, but I may only have a few days where I actually have the temperatures. For example, I may have the 10th, 123rd, and 199th day temperature. It seemed wasteful to setup a dataset that included 365 days when I only had data for 3 days. So, I was looking for a way to just specify the 3 data values that I had, but I also needed to have the values connected via a line. Scatter chart chart with the "drawLine" seems to be the best solution for this situation. Thanks for your help.
  3. I'm looking to create a "line chart" graphing values over time. The xaxis precision needs to be "per day", and the period is 3 years, but there's really only a couple "data points". What is the best strategy to create such a chart? A traditional "line chart" seems like it would need 365*3 "data" values, where most are "null". I may only have 3 actual data values over the entire period, the first value, the max value and the final value, but I need to show the precision of the specific day on the xaxis. If I created a traditional "line chart" and provided 3 data values, the xaxis would simply divide into 3 "labels". I want the xaxis to show a time period of 3 years where on some particular day, a value is set. Then a line is drawn from the origin to that data point and then to the final data point (at the 3-year mark). I also don't really want the the xaxis labels in "days". I really want to label it in years, showing "0", "1", "2", and "3". Scatter plots have a better notion of sparse data, but I need the lines to connect the points. Any ideas on the best strategy to get what I want?