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  1. Small Value

    How do i solve the 0% value? It says 0% on the smart line even though it has some data 0.00045 in it. I know that i'm using the "decimals=2". But when I have to show the live data, I have to show that. Is there anyway it can round it up???? I have attached the image of the chart, and for baby and sports it says 0% while they both have some value. Please, solve it for me. "chart": { "caption": "Split of revenue by product categories", "subCaption": "Last year", "numberPrefix": "$", "showPercentValues": "1", "showPercentInTooltip": "0", "enableSmartLabels": "1", "decimals": "2", "skipOverlapLabels": "1", "useDataPlotColorForLabels": "0", //Theme "theme": "fint" }, "data": [{ "label": "Food", "value": "2850400" }, { "label": "Apparel", "value": "146330" }, { "label": "Baby", "value": "100" }, { "label": "Sports", "value": "140" }, { "label": "Bedding", "value": "17000" }, { "label": "Car Wash", "value": "75000" }, { "label": "Pet Foods", "value": "76000" }, { "label": "Packaged Water", "value": "45000" }] },
  2. Small Value

    sorry to say but this doesn't work with the live data. Any other suggestion??
  3. Legend

    Hello All, I have attached the image below. Can someone please let me know if that type of legend is allowed into the fusion chart??? It's an urgent issue so sooner reply will be better. Also, I am using the licence version of the Fusion Chart. Thank you. --Tee
  4. Legend

    Can you please give a working example of that loop annotation? Thank you.
  5. ToolText-FormatNumber

    Can we use FomatNumber in ToolText??? Currently, i'm using ToolText and the Number is coming from JSON like 123500.00. I want to format the same number to 1,23,500.00. How do I do it?? Because the formatNumber:"1" is not working. Please,let me know asap. Thank you.
  6. ToolText-FormatNumber

    dataFormat: 'json', dataSource: { "chart": { "caption": caption, "bgColor": "#FFFFFF", "baseFontColor": "000000", "showBorder": "0", "use3DLighting": "0", "formatNumberScale": "1", "formatNumber": "1", "showZeroPies": "0", "showShadow": "0", "enableSmartLabels": "1", "startingAngle": "0", "showPercentValues": "1", "showPercentInTooltip": "0", "plotBorderThickness": "2.5", "plotBorderColor": "#ffffff", "numberprefix": "$", "decimals": "2", "forceDecimals": "1", "decimalseparator":",", "thousandseparator":".", "thousandSeparatorPosition": "2", //"thousandSeparatorPosition": "'2,3'", //"captionFontSize": "14", "useDataPlotColorForLabels": "1", "toolTipColor": "#ffffff", "toolTipBorderThickness": "0", "toolTipBgColor": "#000000", "toolTipBgAlpha": "100", "toolTipBorderRadius": "2", "toolTipPadding": "5", "toolTipBorderColor": "#000000", "showHoverEffect":"1", "showLegend": "1", "legendBgColor": "#ffffff", "legendNumColumns": "4", //"legendBorderAlpha": '0', //"legendShadow": '0', "legendItemFontSize": '10', "legendItemFontColor": '#666666', //"placeValuesInside": '0', "theme": "fint", "isSmartLineSlanted":"1", I'm using all these properties but they are not applying. Here are the list of the which are not applying. "formatNumberScale": "1", "formatNumber": "1", "decimals": "2", "forceDecimals": "1", "decimalseparator":",", "thousandseparator":".", "thousandSeparatorPosition": "2", "useDataPlotColorForLabels": "1",
  7. Legend

    So, just to clear a bit in your example there were Product A and Product B and the data were coming from JSON. Now, if sometime if I have to display only Product A. Will it automatically configured into the legend??
  8. Legend

    Hello, By means of "Annotation fixed", I wanted to know how does it respond with the live data?? Can we use the JSON data that we are using for the chart? So, If I have an bank account where I have 10 funds inside. So, in that case, will the data that are coming on the chart will also work with the legend annotation? and if I am displaying only four funds on the chart. In that case, will the annotation also know that chart has only four funds and will it display only those legends? or regardless of it will display the predefined annotation where we have all the funds name. Let me know in urgent please. Thank you.
  9. Legend

    Also, adding to the question: Is annotation fixed if we have multiple charts???? how do we achieve that??
  10. Legend

    This is nice Moonmi. I liked the way you showed the example. But here is the addition to the question. Is it possible for specific chart? Because I'm trying to render four charts with Fusion Charts and every chart has specific legend style and colors. e.g. Two charts don't need any legend, third chart require the legend style that I have shared earlier in the image and fourth chart needs the way you shared. Please, Let me know. Thank you.