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  1. It did not help, same results as before: Clicking from Series2D works: http://localhost:3237/WebApp_2/ApproveCharges.aspx?carrier=Verizon Wireless Clicking from Series3D still does NOT work, this is what I see in the browser's URL address box: http://localhost:3237/WebApp_2/ApproveCharges.aspx?carrier=VerizonWireless
  2. URLEncode works from server to client and we did that and the space shows up fine as alt text in the browser. The problem is when you drill down on the chart (going from client to server). What it sends is VerizonWireless (no space) and what it should be sending is "Verizon Wireless" or the equivalent encoded text (+20 for space).
  3. Combi3D insists on removing spaces in the drillURL like "ApproveCharges.aspx?carrier=Verizon Wireless" (Verizon Wireless becomes VerizonWireless), while Combi2D works just fine with the same input XML data string. Is this by design? If so, how do we get around it?