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  1. We would like to get a break at the top of a chart, if there are 10 values between 0 and 10, and two values between 100 and 110, you cant see the differences very good, so it would be great if there would be an break between 20 and 90. like this: (in this example the steps below and above the breakup are not the same. i dont think this is really needed, but maybe it can be added too) i got an answer at the support with a solution to add the lines: but this is not creating a gap in the values in the yaxis, so with the first situation in mind, you still get a very high chart with little differences. -------- The request: It would be great if you could give 2 extra values to the chart element: yaxisbreakminvalue: 20 yaxisbreakmaxvalue: 90 this option should add the break up stripes to the yaxis and the bars and really remove that part as shown in the image. -------- this way you dont have to add the annotations. Bart