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  1. First thing, Is this "Fusion Charts" or "Collabion Charts"? Are they the same thing? Am in the right forum? Apologies if this is misplaced. I am testing this out before using it in our SharePoint site and I have created a simple excel spreadsheet. A column of dates, and types of fruit. Each row is the total number of each fruit sold on that date. In excel I simply click the insert column chart button and a column chart appears with a # of fruit sold scale on the Y axis and the dates along the X axis with a group of all the fruit types columns for each date. Now trying to replicate this in CollabionFusion or whatever charts. Not so easy. The best I can do is, well I am not sure what it is I am looking at. I must be doing something wrong. I can't seem to tell it that I want all the types of fruit to show a column for each date. The Group and Drilldown configuration menu is not very intuitive for accomplishing this. Can someone point me in the right direction? I should mention that I am not using the spreadsheet in SharePoint. I have replicated the data as a custom list as the data source. Also, a side note. How do I get the chart to show the date in American style Month, day, year format? It seams as though despite selecting the date display format as 01/18/15, the chart will display the euro-style 18/01/15. Thanks for looking. Jeremy